a tribute: Sarah from Clover Lane

22 March 2024


Today instead of CME + Deals I need to pay honor to someone I deeply admired and who was a dear blog friend. Sarah from Clover Lane passed away this month and her beautiful daughter Abbey wrote a touching tribute on her blog. I know she would hate the ads on this post so I'm working to get those taken down. In the meantime..

Sarah was the best of blogging. She shared the things she was already doing and that was thing was motherhood. Creating a peaceful home and raising strong, kind, capable children was everything to her. 

We met through blogging and would send emails back and forth - mostly 2014-2020 - and going back through them it was about everything from books, kids, Downton Abbey, struggles, this is the best quote, how she hated winter, dumb blogging issues because we were both too cheap to hire a blog designer, relationships, please pray for..., what would you do in this situation?? She was so wise and sensible (and sarcastically funny) about everything.

She joined us for Favorite Things twice here in 2015 and here in 2019 and was always a favorite for all of you. 

One of my favorite posts she wrote about being a mom was here. And simple reminders like this one.  

You see everyone doing the organization challenges on Instagram but Sarah was the OG of the 40 bags in 40 days

Her feta dip is legendary and is in my family cookbook now. 

I loved her Seaside posts before 30A became an influencer travel destination on Instagram.

I went back to one of my favorite posts from 2010 and maybe she knew and so she LIVED and loved even more??

Sarah, this one is for you, friend. For the good 'ol days of blogging where you wrote your heart and shared your wisdom and insight and tips and tricks with all of us. What a gift for your posterity to have to read and know you.  For all of the winter storms you faced with a beautiful, dignified strength. Thank you. Go rest in that sunshine in an endless summer with a good book smiling down on your kids and getting the grandbabies ready to come and know you did it all so well. ♥

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