license plates round 4

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Oklahoma came from Lisa at BLJ Graves Studio. She’s also in the middle of a kitchen makeover at her blog and has a lovely Etsy shop.
september 2010 023 1

This vintage blue Connecticut plate literally took my breath away. Isn’t it beautiful?? Thank you, Stephanie Wright! (loved the card too)september 2010 022 1

This is the story behind Illinois:
“We hit a deer & totaled our Durango – it was way old so insurance took it. A cop found our license plate in the ditch & brought it to our house. It has been sitting in a pile of stuff to be thrown out for a while now. I’d be glad to give it to someone who needs it.” Thank you so much, Natalie!
september 2010 020 1   Illinois must not be a very lucky plate, because Kristin also emailed me saying, “I'm originally from IL and we just totalled out my car I've had since high school, so I have a license plate laying around.” Thanks for your willingness, Kristin. You can see her Etsy shop here.


  1. I can no longer see your pictures!?

  2. Woo hoo! I'm ridiculously excited to have been able to help contribute to your project! :)

  3. did you get 1 from Pa yet gosh i forgot bout this i need to make a note!!!

  4. I just love this idea you are doing and glad everyone is donating their plates!! What great bloggers!!

    I have personalized plates for Missouri that say DIERKS for my love of Dierks Bentley. When they gave me new plates, I gave one to my concert buddy but the other one was signed by Dierks so I can't give it up!!! If when it is time to renew one of our 5 vehicles or boats and you still need MO, I will save for you!!!!

  5. Love that neat blue CT plate. Girl, you are on your way!!!

  6. I live in CT and you have to turn the plates into Motor Vehicles so you won't be taxed for that vehicle the next year.

  7. What's your plan with the license plates? I'm excited to see it. I probably have a Utah plate if you need it.

  8. Melissa, this is just the most wonderful project. I love the way you're highlighting the people who are sending you plates--and I know they're THRILLED to be highlighted by you!

    I love the way a spirit of generosity prevails in the blogosphere. May it always be so!

  9. Oh my, you are really on your way to completing that wall! I think you should put all the little stories, cards and who sent them in a book for the kids to read when looking at them on the wall, they all really seem to have a story behind them. I am loving reading what people sent!

  10. that looks like a current oklahoma plate?! did she take it off her car and mail it to you? :)

  11. Jennifer~She just moved out of state, so she sent me her OK plates.


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