January 22, 2013

Simple Valentines Craft

We’ve been working down in Hailey’s room. I may have even opened the sewing machine my mother in law gave me 5 years ago. Not kidding. I had to concoct a quick valentine craft to get me out of my sewing shock.

All you need:

* a frame from the dollar store $1

*cute heart felt ribbon from dollar spot at Target $1

* a printer and white paper – who knows…55 cents??


Print out some favorite love quotes, (I used filosofia and altastgreeting for these)

glue the ribbon on,

slap it in the frame.

That’s it. Total: about $2.50

Absolutely under $10 under 1 hour!

valentine framed printable with target ribbon

valentine printable 320 sycamore

do you recognize what soundtrack they are from??


*sigh*  Can you believe it came out 19 years ago??

I know. I know. But here is the link to some printables to help you out:

valentine printable 320 sycamore

Happy Tuesday!


1 comment:

  1. Even if it’s just a simple valentine’s craft, it will be
    important for the person who will receive it. I love the caption that they
    included in that frame.


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