painting the cabinets and countertop installation

30 April 2009

our bathroom cabinets were nasty:

the holes didn't fit any modern handles, so we filled them with wood filler, let them dry and then sanded them down to smooth. I'm such a genius, I forgot that we only needed to fill one hole, the other would be for the knob. :) I eventually figured it out...
Then, we sanded the doors, primed them with a spray paint primer,
and we used these to paint them with:

We chose these because we could use the spray paint on the doors (much easier!) in the garage and use a brush where we didn't want to spray inside and not have to worry about the color looking different. It's nice to have the spray on hand as well for little touch-ups. I got them at Home Depot~the cans were 2.99 each and we went through about 3-4 and the can was about $8.
Side note: don't turn your back when you are spray painting in the garage and miss your 2 year old barreling in on his bike. Yup, he ran right over them. Oh yes, he added another day or two to the whole process...

the faucets are a simple brushed nickel we bought last year at
Lowe's for $44 each. The sinks were just your basic white sink for $29. Oh, but we ended up buying 3, remember??

the countertops are just a basic formica with a wanna-be granite pattern on them
We had some issues with our pipes in our house when we first moved in. We had a ready-made countertop with the sinks already in, but it didn't fit, so we had to come up with something quickly. One of the guys working at the house said he would install the countertops, sinks, and faucets for $100 if I ran and bought the supplies. I did just that~ran down to Lowe's and had to make some quick decisions. (yes, I brought my camera to Lowe's!) They're just 6 foot slabs of formica in different colors in the back of the store and are only $59 each.:
We watched him install part of it and it really didn't look hard~he just cut the length, 2 holes for the sink, attached it with these brackets underneath, glued the sinks in, hooked up the faucets and that was it. 2 hours tops. Here is the under part of the sink:

And, since I know y'all love a final breakdown of the price of everything, here we go:

new shower curtain (Target): 6.25
black paint for cabinets (Home Depot): $18
simple brushed nickel knobs from Ebay: (.80 X 7) 5.60
brushed nickel spray paint for all of the hinges: $2.99
light fixture above mirrors (Amazon clearance): $7.50
paint for wall: $18 (Behr labor day paint rebate in the fall)
black framed mirrors from Wal-mart ($29 X 2) $58
white subway tile backsplash (Lowe's): $25
formica countertop (Lowes) $59
2 brushed nickel faucets (Lowes) $88
2 sinks (Lowes) $60
new low flow raised height toilet (Lowes) $120
labor for sink/counter installation: $100
floor tile and supplies: $80 (they did the tile when they installed the carpet, I don't know the labor charge just for the tile)

apothecary jar from TJ Maxx: $10
soap: free from Walgreens
little jars from yard sale with fillers: 85 cents
toilet paper holder from Wal-mart: $7
2 towel holders from Wal-mart: $12
2 hand towels from Target: $6
plates from Target (remember I went through all 4): $7.50
napkins from TJMaxx for plates: $4
key art: $2

Grand total: $693.69
(I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, plus I have to buy a new sink, so you would want to figure in some more)

P.S. If you want to see the befores, here they are. Have a great weekend!


  1. You are amazing! I'm moving into a new house and the bathrooms are HORRID! You've given me hope! Thank you, thank you! I love all you projects!

  2. You are the Makeover Queen.
    A-mazing. I can't believe it is the same bathroom.

    It gives me hope for one of ours, which has horrible oak cabinets and pre-skin-cancer pink tiles.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I didn't know they made countertops for such a great price at Lowe's. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Definitely a heavy-duty dose of inspiration! This is one of the most amazing makeovers I've ever seen! = )

  5. What a dramatic transformation! I love the use of matching spray paint and regular paint, that probably really made a difference.

    Looks like you got it all done for a really great value too!

    Love it all! Thanks for including it in the Round-Up !


  6. Holy moly! I just went back to see the before pics and I'm STUNNED by how much different the bathroom looks now. Beautiful! You had a real challenge, too. I'm impressed.

  7. Oh thanks for posting this! We have that countertop in our kitchen and for some reason the builder matched it with light oak cabinets, and it has always looked weird to me. I've tried to talk my hubby into letting me paint the cabinets black, but he's not for it since they are new, but seeing how great it looks gives me some "ammo" and pictures to show him what it could be.

  8. I simply LOVE your new bathroom. And thanks for sharing so many great tips. I didn't know you could buy matching paint & spray paint-awesome! And I am going to start shopping e-bay and amazon for knobs and lights. You rock!

  9. Stunning! Isn't it such a great feeling to take the gross and make it beautiful? Nice job!

  10. wonderful job! Thanks for another great post and breaking it down for me!

  11. thank you! for sharing what type of paint, oohh how smart you are about spray painting those cabinet doors, I am about to try to do this to my bathroom - I am glad to learn from you!

  12. This is just what I needed to get me pumped to start on our bathroom. Your looks so fresh and clean. I love it (and it's affordable!)

  13. Your bathroom redo is just fabulous. I love all of it. So pretty and you did it for such a reasonable price. Hugs, Marty

  14. Just amazing! I got my knobs off of ebay too - so much cheaper than regular retail. I have had them for 3 years and still love them.

    It looks fabulous!


  15. I LOVE IT! We are going to start on the kid's bath and I can't wait! I'm going to show this to my hubby...

  16. Wow, it looks great! I like the idea about spray painting the cabinets to get a smooth finish.

  17. You did a fantastic job. Your bathroom looks wonderful!

  18. Ok Melissa...I bow to you! You are truly amazing and oh so fabulousl;y frugal. And this whole time I've been thinkin that countertop was the real deal granite! Wow. I want new countertops in my yucky kitchen, but have been putting it off due to cost. But at $59 each, I think I could swing that. Was that a special deal or do they have it all the time? Thanks for the inspiration.


  19. The counter top is amazing--you'll put the granite people out of business! Your hard work definitely paid off. I left you a surprise at my place--:)!

  20. Oh, it is so soothing to see the before and after of the cabinets! Makes me realize how magical a can of paint can be!! :)

  21. Looks FABULOUS!!!

    I have left an award for you on my blog-


  22. I am seriously drooling over your bathroom. Wanna come help me redo mine? We have a walk in dressing room with a door to the closet and then a door to the toilet and bath/shower. What a pain.


  23. Your bathroom is just so beautiful!!! And I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on the post about my boys. (Also, I'm so glad that my Frugal Friday linky party sent so much traffic your way!)

  24. Wow - I thought for sure that was a granite countertop! Love this faux version!

  25. I love your bathroom and wanted to let you know I linked to it on my blog tonight! Thanks for sharing!~!~

  26. Hey girl! Just wanted to stop by and say I am giving you a major shout out tomorrow...I totally copied your iron-on t-shirt idea! I hope that's OK...but I am sending everyone over here to you to find out how to do it! :)

  27. This is a beautiful transformation! WOW!

  28. Love this makeover! I'm in the process of painting our master bedroom & I think I have hubs convinced that we should paint the vanity cabinet black. Here's proof of how great it will look!!! If you don't mind me asking....what color paint is that on your walls????


  29. Wow! Your bathroom looks fantastic! I love it and am inspired to redo mine now! You made it look great without spending a fortune. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

  30. Hi Melissa!
    I am new to the world of blogging and a friend suggested I come check out your blog... which I love! Anyways, as I was scrolling through your page I saw your new bathroom remodel. *Love the black cabinets. I have a question... do you know the name of the Behr paint you used on your bathroom walls??? I was hoping you'd share the name with me so I could possibly test out this color for my living room! Thanks for your time! My email is

  31. Wow, your bathroom is simple amazing! I was wanting paint my cabinets black and looking online for pics and came across your bathroom and I am so going to paint them black now! Thanks your step by step and choices in paint, this helps out a lot! Once I finish my bathroom, I'm going to link it on my blog!

  32. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:05 PM

    Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan.

  33. What color paint was used in this bathroom?

  34. This is absolutely gorgeous !   You did a fantastic job! Could you please tell me what the paint color is on the wall.  It's beautiful!


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