matchbox makeover

04 May 2009

Some of you have asked what the arrangement between the 2 mirrors in my bathroom is.
Remember the $35 yard sale? That's what I'm calling it now.
The wooden yellow thingy on the right was part of the stash and I didn't really know what it was. Debilou told me that she thought it was a match holder, and I think she's right, although that's not exactly what I'm using it for.

I took it out to my spray paint factory along with a plate and some outlet covers and went to town with Krylon ivory.
A local grocery store down the street had some curly willow branches that I thought were cool in the floral department. The florist had over-ordered for an event and was selling them, so I bought a bundle, put some water in a plastic dixie cup, and placed them inside:
The green leaves lasted for about 2 weeks and now I'm picking off the dead leaves and leaving the dried curly branches inside. And the little match drawer? I use it for q-tips:

Just a little Monday makeover from a yard sale find.
My husband doesn't know what to think of more "sticks" in the house. I try to tell him they're not sticks, they are an expression of nature that add balance, beauty, and harmony in our bathroom. He rolls his eyes, but I think he secretly loves them. Just as long as they don't poke him when he's shaving or brushing his teeth, I think we'll be okay.

Every Monday, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is going to host a Thrifty Treasure party where you can share what you found over the weekend at yard sales/thrift stores. I went this weekend and found some great treasures, but am a bit behind in the picture taking department, so I'll share more next week. Go share what you found, or go drool at everyone else's finds:

Happy Monday!


  1. Melissa! I'm the first to leave a comment - yeah! I like the willow branches, too. They add a very nice touch and I love your matchbox holder. Never would have guessed what that was used for. Love ya!

  2. I am never lucky enough to find something that cool at a yard sale. The willow branches are a great finishing touch. Love it!

  3. I love it! Thinking outside the box! Unfortunately for me, I sometimes feel like my box has been taped shut!

    I just found your blog and think it is great!


  4. I love using things in un-ordinary ways. I also love spray paint. :) You did such a great job on your bathroom. It's stunning.

  5. What a great repurpose project!! I love the branches, too! :)

  6. Melissa, I just love this project of yours! It's so great and I love sticks too. They are great to decorate with. Thanks for playing today.

  7. Love it all, as always! You have a great knack for putting things together.

  8. So cute! I'm getting ready to go spray paint. No rain in the forcast today!!!!

  9. How did you find a little drawer that fit. I love what you've made of that thing. Wish I had your foresight!


  10. What a great idea to use it for q-tips! It looks great!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  11. Daisy Cottage5/4/09, 2:44 PM

    Love this!
    Soooo creative!!!
    Thank you for sharing!


  12. Great job updating your garage sale finds! Gotta love spray paint for it's unifying power! :)

  13. I am spray painting everything after looking through your blog. One question...on your plates, do you use glossy or flat spray paint?


  14. I probably would have passed the matches holder by, but seeing what you have done with it makes me realize the potential in objects. Looks so nice.

  15. Wow,, i've never been mentioned/linked in someone's blog before,, too cool! I love what you did with your little find whatever it may be. It looks great.

  16. you are so creative! I love the wonder of spray paint!

  17. My mom has that same "match holder" at her house. I love your makeover...I wish she had the internet so I could tell her to look at your blog! Hers could use a similar facelift. Ha!

  18. Oh, melissa, your transformation of your bath is fabulous!!! Wow, i am so impressed!


  19. Another great idea! My son made me a matchbox holder similar to yours in high school. I think I might just borrow your idea and add an embellishment and paint it too! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Regarding sticks: I love them too, but need to post a warning. When I first got married I put some sticks in a vase on the floor, and my husband ended up bending over where they were and permanently damaged his eye on one. So if you use sticks in your decor, make sure they are not stiff and are up high enough to not do any damage!

    I am totally enjoying your blog. Thank you!


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