a week of gift ideas: day 2 { fabric mouse pads }

01 September 2009

First of all, Happy September! Did you say rabbit? Always say rabbit on the first day of the month and you'll have good luck for the whole month (from my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Lees~does anyone else do this??)

Thanks to everyone that shared their tray makeovers yesterday!
Welcome to day 2 of gift ideas!
This one is sooo simple, involves fabric (but no sewing), and can be done in less than 10 minutes~ right up my alley! I first saw it on my friend Amanda's blog, and she directed us to this tutorial from Tory at Funky & Delightful.

photo from Funky & Delightful

She gives great directions and gave me a great way to use the cork squares I found at a yard sale over the summer. I've also seen the cork squares at Hob Lob and at Target in their back to college section. You could also cover an existing mouse pad, like Amanda did:
photo by Amanda

Look at what the always fabulous
Kate@Centsational Girl did with hers (she also gives a fab tutorial):

photo by Centsational Girl

Here's the one I did and am planning to do lots more---soooo easy:

Wouldn't these be cute to give with the trays from yesterday? These would be great for co-workers, teachers, secretaries, friends...keep your eyes open for cork or spare mousepads and cute fabric. You don't need much fabric at all~an old shirt or dress cut up would work perfectly.

If you've dressed up a mouse pad or seen others, go ahead and link them up so we can see:

Happy Tuesday~


  1. I love your circle mousepad! Cute.

  2. Love the idea to use a cork circle!

  3. I should really do this - I've been using an extra red school folder for a mouse pad since we moved a month ago. The disarray and un-prettiness of moving is wearing on me and I could use something lovely to look at! =)

  4. Another very cute idea! I didn't know you could use cork board for a mouse pad - I will have to keep my eye out for those!

  5. Totally adorable. . .as usual. I love your blog so much! Lately I have been thinking a lot about Christmas. I know it's early but I like to be prepared, especailly if I make something for someone. I was wondering if you could post some ideas for us on things to give this year.

  6. So cute! I have this ugly old UPS mousepad that I've been wanting to replace. This is even better! I'll just recover it! Yippee! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your little round one! A dressed up mouse pad is so much nicer than a plain one!

  8. Great idea!! Wouldn't it be fun to give it with some desk accessories like cute post its, pens, decorative staplers etc. Great gift pack for teachers or secretaries

  9. We always said, "white rabbit!" :)

  10. Adorable!! I think just about everyone in our fam has laptops, but I am sure I can find someone to make one for. ;)

  11. Thanks, Melissa, for the kind words about my cork mouse pad tutorial! --Tory

  12. So cute and cheap! What a wonderful idea.

  13. Those are fabulous. What a great idea. Thanks Melissa!


  14. too funny - I just bought fabric over the weekend to do this! If I get it done in time AND posted, I'll link up! LOL

    Easy easy - my kind of project!


  15. We say Rabbit Rabbit first thing out of our mouths on the 1st day of the month. That's how I wake up the kids that day too.

    Love your blog!


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