easy copycat pumpkin plate

05 October 2009

I loved Angie@The Happy Homebody's framed pear project and thought how clever it would be with a pumpkin for fall instead.
So clever and original, Melissa!
But guess who is already two steps in front of me?
Turns out that if you can come up with a framed pear, you can make a pumpkin look even cuter. So much for originality, but here goes my version :)

Start with a pumpkin from the Dollar Tree, and a knife (a bit morbid looking, isn't it??

cut the pumpkin in half, tie a ribbon around it,

hot glue it on a Pottery Barn plate from my $35 yard sale,

and you have a pumpkin plate!

But what if I don't have any yard sale PB plates lying around, Melissa?

Never fear:
While you're at the Dollar Tree, pick up a silver tray in the dishes section~they have the little hobnail edge around them. I would give it a coat of heirloom white spray paint, and you'll be good to go. I used them in a Christmas display last year, and Wendy used them for her chalkboard~I think they would be perfect. Or, use a frame, or another plate...you get the picture :)

Thanks for the inspiration, Angie~

Soooo...what else can you frame?

Cherry's framed cherry

Nester's framed fork

My framed keys

My framed doorknob

Wendy's framed buttons and Barbie clothes

It's DIY day at Kimba's~go join the fun!


  1. Love it!!
    What a great way to bring Fall inside!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Very cute! Thanks for the idea!! I am thinking about Christmas items to use for this project too!! Have a great day!

  3. Ok, not that i'm slow but i never would have thought of putting it on a plate. I totally love it. Thanks for the "original" idea. I think i like it better than in a frame.

  4. How darling yet simple! I may have to do this! thanks for sharing!

  5. So sweet! I love that!


  6. I was just thinking that you could also stick a piece of velcro in the middle of the plate and then another on the back of whatever you want -- making the plate able to go with the seasonal flow! Totally gonna give it a go!

  7. Oohhh, how cute!! I like yours a lot! I have framed pears and I have lemons on plates.. but this is great. Maybe I need to swap things out for the fall. Hmmm...

  8. I love it! I have the exact pumpkins plus a knife. I'm totally doing it this morning! Thanks :)

  9. Love the pumpkin. I'm gonna be a copycat later today!

  10. Love it ... I'm on the way to the Dollar store.

  11. Just too cute!!!!! Love the idea.


  12. Whoda thought a plate and a pumpkin could make for so much fun? Love it!!

  13. Thanks for the shout outS today lady! You rock!! (And I love your pumpkin plate. So clever!)

  14. I LOVE it on the plate!!! Saw the pear one and this is just FABO

  15. I saw both of Angie's projects and loved them, but I love yours too. What a great idea (and frugal too). Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. so clever! love the look :) thanks for so much inspiration!

  17. Very cute project. I saw the framed pear and loved it. I have a silver shoe set (horn, hook & file) that I'd like to frame. Your links gave me some good ideas. Thanks!

  18. What a cute idea, anything that can be cut in half could be used in place of a pumpkin - imagine the possibilities!!
    I guess I have to add this to my "I wanna try that" list. Which keeps getting longer and longer the more blogs I read!!
    Hope you can stop by for a visit sometime.
    Have a great week!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  19. Great ideal, another ideal to stash away.

  20. Very adorable! I have seen that done with fruits but I never thought about a pumpkin! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. I love this idea! You have inspired me to do something similar. Thanks for sharing! -Jackie

  22. Yours turned out so cute! I like it better than mine! Thanks for the sweet words!

  23. I adore this! I'm heading to Dollar Tree tomorrow!

  24. Hello sweet Melissa - I love this idea! Your version turned out so cute. I have a Home Goods plate that I've been waiting to use for the perfect project, and this is it! Thank you for sharing.


  25. SO cute! Who would have thought a pumpkin on a plate. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  26. This is the first project that I have actually made note of and I's going shopping for a pumpkin tomorrow. So easy and cute - I love projects like that.

  27. Somehow I made my a little backwards. Instead of a plate I used a frame but it still turned out rather cute. I posted a link to your page too :)
    Thanks for all the inspiration!! Absolutely LOVE your blog!

  28. great minds think alike. I also copied her idea but I made apple plates for my kitchen :-)


  29. After seeing this darling "Pumpkin Plate," I simply must be become a follower of your blog. Love all your home decor!

  30. Oh shut up...cute and CHEAP? Why did'nt I think of this? DT had some white plates too that would be equally cute! Adorable as always! :D

    yapping cat

  31. I really enjoyed looking around your blog! What great ideas!!
    *Eliza’s blog*

  32. Absolutely darling and amazing! I definitely am going to make one of these. I featured this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com Grab my 'featured" button.

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  34. I just love those simple yet totally amazing ideas. It's one of those where you go why didn't I think of that! Thank you for showing us a tutorial.
    Have a sweet Sunday.
    Hugs...Tracy :)


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