caught my eye 5/28

28 May 2010

I love this idea from Tom Scheerer in House Beautiful and am thinking about doing it in my kitchen: painting the cabinets white, remove some doors, then what if you used beadboard wallpaper and painted the backs a yummy color like this??

Speaking of painting kitchens, here is a fabulous step by step tutorial, products and everything how to paint your kitchen cabinets with a professional look from Mikael at Starter Home to Dream Home…

REAL moss from the Home Depot by Christina at As Time Goes By. Just lovely and REAL!

I think I’ve had a flower pillow featured almost every time on Caught My Eye. Here’s another I love from Susie at Bienvenue. She used white felt!
I have some lanterns that I don’t have surface space for, but what about using garden hooks that you see everywhere to hang them? Love this idea from Gina at the Shabby Chic Cottage:

Some have asked if you have to pay to be featured on Caught My Eye…heavens, no! These are just things I’ve come across that I love…some have even been from readers who know my taste and send me things that they think I’ll like.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We are sticking around here to play and work on some projects. My neighbor is hosting a neighborhood bbq~we can’t wait to report to them that the hoarder garage is cleared out and we can park both cars in!! Are you proud of us?? :) I should have taken a picture…I will.


  1. the kitchen is A M A Z I N G !!

  2. Your idea of using the bead board wallpaper I think will work just fine. I do love the color of the interior. Looks like I'm going to have to make a trip to HD for some of that charming moss, thanks.:)

  3. way to go on cleaning out the garage!

  4. Oprah would be so proud of you (hope you saw yesterday's garage!) love your pics, I have a very old house and used some of these very ideas.

  5. Love that kitchen idea!!!!

    I loooove that moss too. ;)

    Way to go on the garage! We are starting on ours tomorrow. I feel sorry for the neighbors that live to our right and can see in the garage when it's open. So many other house projects going on when you move though.

  6. I know that you will be glad to get the garage cleaned out. Probably not as much as your hubby:)

    Happy Memorial Day weekend.

  7. I love the lantern never dawned on me to hang one up. I have the perfect space for it! Now to find a lantern!

  8. Yay for no more hoarder garage. :) My downstairs bathroom closet looks like a craft hoarder closet. Embarrassing.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful. :)


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