caught my eye…friday the 13th edition

13 August 2010

Sooooo….are you doing something scary tonight? The kids want to set up the tent in the backyard and read spooky stories, but I’m up to my neck in coming off of vacation “stuff" so I have to decide if I’m going to be practical let’s watch a movie and go to bed early mom or , c’mon-we’re-almost-finished-with-summer-we’re-not-going-to-be-this-age-much-longer-cherish-the-moment-good-mom.
Right now, I’m just feeling hot, humid, sticky, grouchy, and like I want to go back to crisp, cool Montana air so let me share some things that may just give me the courage to face the laundry, the Verizon bill I forgot to pay, the ant pile we have goin’ on in the driveway, the weeds that are taking everything over, and the bathrooms that need to be cleaned in the worst way.
Can I just escape here? Bedroom609phoebehoward

Bedroom/bath perfection from the queen herself, Phoebe Howard via Inspiration for Decoration
Love this idea for holding towels in the bath from the lovely Shannon@Bless Our NestBlog Pics B 033
Did you see this daybed from Just Beachy?? That pom pom fringe is perfection…daybed
A gorgeous farmhouse table makeover from Ali @ Little Bits of Bliss:t_100325_0007
The fabulous Janell @ Isabella and Max Rooms never ceases to amaze with her DIY framed mirror and chalkboard + tutorial:
AND, I updated my top referrers for the month of July on the left sidebar somewhere over here
58% of the traffic on 320 Sycamore comes from you all sending people over here. Thank you so much.
Okay, I’m gonna go kill some ants and pay some bills. And tell the kids if there is going to be a tent tonight some bathrooms need to be cleaned. Where are those blasted scrub toilet chore cards? They have conveniently disappeared…


  1. Have fun tonight!!! :)
    thanks for the mention! So sweet!

  2. Those are all completely fantastic !!!

    Thanks for sharing these delightful links

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Oh, a camp out in the back yard sounds like a great time!! It should hopefully motivate some chore doing on the part of the kids! Thanks for the shout out, found you (again) from referring URL's. This time added your blog to my blog roll...

  4. Oh, it is too hot here for a campout. We don't have a tent anyway. hehe Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I want my room to look exactly like that first photo.

  5. I am SO leaning (in my head at least...we'll see what REALLY happens) to the "end of summer, mean-mom, get to bad and let's get on a schedule" mother mode. I feel BEHIND, and I hate that feeling! Off to catch up on your "finds".

  6. OMG, that Phoebe Howard room is TO DIE FOR!

  7. You are so funny. Isn't there always ants, weeds, laundry and kids wanted to do some great project. That is life, right. Best of luck with the tent.

  8. Wow, those rooms are all so gorgeous! Thanks for giving me some decorating inspiration.

  9. Hi Lovely Lady!! I had to laugh at your comment about humidity. Mostly I don't miss it. But I'll tell you that I never had to use body lotion when I lived back East and now I use it by the bottle full!! So from that standpoint, yeah, I guess I miss humidity. ;-)

    I love these links!

  10. I hope you camp out in the backyard. It sounds like so much fun.

    I so love the bedroom.

  11. LOVE those links!!! That chalkboard is fabulous. I love that you put your referring sites on your sidebar. I may have to copy that - spread the love around.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!



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