if you’re ever in Missoula, Montana…

13 August 2010

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first, go hike the M cuz you’re gonna need to burn some calories, plus it’s a fantastic view.

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You’ve got to stop by Hoagieville and order an original hoagie and cheese fries…mmmmmmmm. You don’t know how much I miss these.
 montana4 montana5
Did you gain 5 lbs just looking? We haven’t even started.
If you happen to be there on a Wednesday in the summer..
go to Out to Lunch downtown and take your pick of scrumptious food vendors and local music…
then step over to the handcrafted Carousel for Missoula….montana2 be sure to play at Dragons Hollow park next door….
montana13 Then stop at Big Dipper for a huckleberry ice cream cone.
On Wednesday night, go to the city band concert at Bonner Park at 8p.m., let the kids play in the splash pool, 015 1 then stop by the Dairy Queen on Higgins afterward. This is the only one I know of that makes cheese buns and banana nut whips.
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If you have a chance to drive up through Glacier Park, photo source
glacier park back in 2002—they’re so little!!
stop by Flathead Lake and pick up some Flathead cherries at a roadside stand to eat on your way.
montana9  montana8 Now, if you’re in Missoula the 2nd week of August, you’ve got to got to the Western Montana Fair. Go to the rodeo, eat some fry bread with butter& honey, a Viking, fried cheese curds, some loaded nachos, a tater pig.
aug 2009 409 1 If you go to the fair with your honey, aug 2009 396 you have to walk around with your hand in each other’s back pocket. Fair rules.aug 2009 387 1 
If you’re still hungry, go to the Mustard Seed. And ask your Dad to pull up his pants so you can see his white socks…
018 1 Love him.
And I love Montana. Have I ever said that? ;)
Okay, Montana girls/guys or anyone who has been, what’s your favorite part of the last best place?


  1. Montana is gorgeous!!! My family and I went to Lewistown about a month ago to visit with some relatives. It was a looooong drive but once we hit Montana our little family didn't really mind it. The scenery was lovely. Next time we go we'll have to stop in Missoula and check out some of these places! It's late and now you've got me looking around for a snack after looking at some of those pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!
    ~Robin @ keephomesimple

  2. Really? All that is in MONTANA??? Wow. I've only been through MT twice in my life and one of those times was quite recent. We went right through Missoula and missed out on everything!!! Darn. Hopefully next time.

  3. I lived in Great Falls several years ago. I miss it too! Glacier Nat'l Park is one of my favorite places on earth!

  4. I was born and raised in Hamilton, 50 miles south of Missoula--so my favorite part is the beautiful Bitteroot Valley!

  5. Gorgeous!! Would love to visit Montana someday!

  6. Wow! What beautiful photos Melissa. :)

  7. You don't hear people say they love where they live to often. Good to hear your enjoying your life.

  8. Family lives in Whitefish/Kalispell/Columbia Falls and out off Bitteroot Lake...we love our time up there! My husband was born and raised in Choteau, then Missoula. We love that M mountain, the campus, the huckleberry shakes and buffalo burgers you can get right off Flathead Lake too! And Glacier NP is heavenly!! Love Logan's Pass and St. Mary's Lake too!

  9. Montana is on my list of MUST-SEE places before I die. Loved all of your pictures...my favorite is of your Dad's white socks, lol.

  10. When driving through Montana for the first time in 2001, we stopped at a tiny little campground with a brisk stream running through it. Someone had picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and left it at our camping spot in the water. We listened to the icy cold stream rushing by the windows of our RV in the evening . It was magical! AND we loved Glacier. So many nice memories of that state! Thanks for sharing, Melissa.

  11. We were just in Missoula in June! We went for my sister's (Traci) graduation from nursing (RN) school. My husband grew up in Polson on Flathead Lake and still has lots of family in and around Missoula. This was the second time I have been on a trip to MT and I have to say, the scenery is breathtaking. The Mustard Seed is my sister's favorite restaurant, so we stopped there as well. Fortunately, Traci was hired at the hospital in Missoula before she graduated, so I don't think it will be my last trip!

  12. I am born and raised in Montana, mainly around the Bozeman area... Go Bobcats! (Don't shoot!) I do love the M in both Missoula and Bozeman...such beautiful views. I did marry a Griz fan though, so we like to tell people we have a mixed marriage, Montana style.

  13. I want to move to montana now!! I miss mountains and beautiful lakes and hometown fairs and signature restaurants and cafes..... sigh...

  14. Oh I love Missoula! I've pretty much done everything you show here this week, minus the out to lunch part... somehow STILL have never made it to one of those, but it's my goal to make it some time this summer. I absolutely love wandering the Saturday markets downtown :)
    Love the pic of your Dad and his socks. That cracks me up. I love your dad- he pretty much rocks- your mom too :)

  15. That's Montana? Really?


  16. Oh my word, I did gain 5 lbs. reading this post:) WOW at all the great sounding food. Lovely pictures.

  17. I've only been to Montana via the Billings airport. I was blown away by the beauty. Its high on my to-visit list. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Oh I loooove Montana! We are headed to St. Regis next week to do a little fly fishing then to Missoula over labor day weekend to help our friends unpack their moving van. They are moving to Missoula from Missouri. We are so excited for them :)

  19. I WAS BORN IN MISSOULA AND LIVED THERE UNTIL I WAS 6! My dad goes back now and ALWAYS hikes to the M and sends me a picture! Glad you had a great vacation and thank you for sharing the pictures!

  20. My husband's parents are from Montana...my mother in law from Wolf Point and my father in law is from Kalispell. He has lots of aunts, uncles and cousins in between. :) Montana is SO beautiful and I can't wait to go back and visit. My favorite is Whitefish Lake and of course Glacier National Park.

  21. I live in Idaho! but we used to have family in Missoula - and the best place open all night long (I believe) is called the Oxford "Ox". Such a dive but SUCH good food. Loved the pic of you dad... so fun.

  22. I've never been to Montana but you had me at "Glashier Park" just so beautiful also the photo of the ice cream cone!!!


  23. I live in Bozeman! Moved here a couple years ago. My inlaws live in the Bitterroot valley. Love it here and love Montana. Now quit telling everyone how great it is; we don't want more people moving in! ;)

  24. i would never think to go but i think you have convinced me to visit one of these dayS!

  25. I was born in Missoula as well...but moved to Kansas when I was in 4th grade. Your fabulous post about Montana's hidden treasures brought back a whole bunch of wonderful childhood memories. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! That huckleberry icecream looks divine!

  26. Oh my goodness! I took an identical trip to Missoula exactly a year ago! I've always loved your blog and overall style, but great minds really do think alike! :) We did it all- hiked the "M," camped in Glacier, ate tons of huckleberry icecream... what a beautiful beautiful city!! Thanks for sharing!

  27. I remember looking at your first Montana post a few days ago thinking "That looks like Missoula!" And I was right! I'm a native of the Gallatin Valley, aka Bozeman. Montana is all-around gorgeous and those of us who live here are so fortunate. I love that you can spend your whole life here and never see everything there is to see. If you're ever in the Gallatin be sure to eat at the Garden Cafe in Manhattan and the Cateye Cafe in Bozeman. There's a ton of music and art in Downtown, too!

  28. My son just returned from spending two years as a missionary in Montana. He absolutely LOVED it and misses it a lot. Wish we had been able to go pick him up and see some sights while there. Looks like we missed out! (Glacier was his absolute favorite place!)

  29. Oh, I how I miss Missoula and Kalispell! Some of my favorites....
    Blue Mountain hikes - Missoula
    Kootenai Creek hike - "up the Bitterroot"
    Feeding the ducks at Woodland Park - Kalispell
    Summer Evening Concerts at Depot Park-Kalispell
    Avalanche Lake Hike - Glacier
    Rocking on Lake McDonald Lodge Porch-Glacier
    Tidyman's Chocolate Crossaints-A short stroll from my house in Downtown Kalispell
    Strolling - Downtown Bigfork
    My ultimate favorite spot:
    The little you pick pumpkin farm-Hwy 82 north of Flathead Lake

  30. I just stumbled upon your post and LOVE IT!! I was born and raised in MT and lived all over Southwestern Montana. Ended up in Montana City (near Helena) and sad to say, I only went to Missoula to participate in Choir and Rodeo's. Left when I was 18 for college in the South and have missed it every day!!!

    I loved all your pictures... I haven't been home in almost 8 years!! So Homesick...

    Favorites for me:
    *Paradise Valley near Livingston (on your way to Yellowstone)
    *Glacier National Park (is there anything on earth that close to heaven)Going to the Sun Road especially
    *Custard's battle field near Billings
    *Visiting all of the Indian Jumps near Manhattan / along the Madison River
    *Lazy tubing trips down the Madison
    *Going to my Grama's Ranch
    *The little chapel near the entrace to Big Sky Ski Resort
    *Lewis and Clark Caverns
    WOW... I could go on and on...
    # 1 is how BIG the SKY really is, nothing like it (and the fact that below the fall line, there are not many trees... that is all i see in the south)
    **Sigh, sigh**

    Thank you for letting me reminise... glad you had a blast!!

  31. I love hearing all these made in Montana memories!

  32. I was born and raised in Bozeman. Loved the hike to the M and the B. Went to MSU, loved that campus. Now I am in Oregon, but both my husband (born in Helena) and I still say we are from Montana. Love Yellowstone, think I went there at least once a year from the time I was born. My mom still lives in Belgrade. Got to love Montana!

  33. Erin sheldahl1/16/14, 10:50 PM

    Just read this even though it was from last year...the things you mentioned are EXACTLY what I do when I go to Montana, all of it...I truly think there is no other place on Earth as special :)


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