license plates round 1

20 September 2010

Kelly McDonald sent this beauty from Alabama:
september 2010 015 1 Thank you, Kelly!

Diane, (the Library Lady) sent us a Florida plate with 2 cards from the Emily Taber Public Library in Macclenny, Florida.
september 2010 016 1

Here is the library in 1908. The original building was the Courthouse for Baker County, Florida:lib old And here it is today:lib new
Isn’t it beautiful?? What a neat place to work in.I love knowing a little history of where these plates are coming from! Thank you, Diane!

This Indy one is from Amanda Jetmore:september 2010 017 1 Thank you, Amanda!

And I LOVE this 400th Anniversary plate of our own Virginia sent from Kelly and her family:

september 2010 018 1
I cannot tell you how fun it is to get these in the mail. Thank you, thank you! Much more to come…
If you’re wondering what in the hey I’m talking about with all these license plates, see here.


  1. Do you still need Kansas? We *just* got new plates and I could send you the one we didn't trade in!

  2. Duh, just saw your list, sorry! hehe........I can't wait to see it all done!

  3. Still trying to find mine from NC!

  4. The VA plate - her name is Kelly, not Michelle =)

  5. Did you get the Alaska plate I sent you?

  6. I'm so glad you like the Florida Tag. It was my great pleasure to send it to you. Thank you for featuring our library on your blog. I showed our Director and she was as tickled as I was.

    Enjoy your new project. Can't wait to see the finished wall.

    The Library Lady
    "Take surprise and delight in the little things"

  7. What a fabulous project. I love the stories with each plate as much as I love the project!


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