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22 September 2010

Remember these ferns I found at Michaels over a year ago? I wanted to put one in the living room for some green, but decided they needed a little oomph.ferns 1 But I don’t have any money. I’m already over budget for this month for my fun money and my house money.

Bad Melissa.
I’ve got to go sell some of my husbands old baseball cards or something. {honey, do you ever read my blog?}
I bet you all don’t ever go over budget, do you?
Anyway, I was looking for a solution in my backyard and my eyes fell on these dried stems that used to be day lilies. Cha-ching! I could even cut them with scissors, no saws required. Double cha-ching!
september 2010 057 1
I took them back in to my neat, calm, organized kitchen table and started cutting them down. {I love dry cinnamon life. In milk, not so much. They get soggy instantly.}september 2010 045 1
I used plain old Elmers School Glue to attach them.september 2010 046 1
Satisfaction for Melissa in about 27 minutes:september 2010 051 1
september 2010 006 1
No, I haven’t painted the table yet. It’s on the list.
Yes, the lampshade is crooked.
No, I’m not going to spray paint the lamp. It’s brass, but not sassy brassy. Antique brass is all good with me.
And yes, it would probably be prettier if my sticks were all even, but maybe I think it adds to the rustic-ness of it, or maybe I was too lazy to measure. Or maybe people will think my kids made it at nature camp. {do you remember the popsicle stick birdcage in the Parent Trap?}september 2010 002 1 Definitely under $10 and under 1 hour.
Party is tomorrow, I’ll try to get the link up tonight around 10 pm Eastern time!


  1. great idea!

  2. I love it...you are so creative! I started a "Sunday Share" on my blog because I've been busy around my house lately with lots of projects. Stop by and link up with this if you have the time! It would be the perfect start!


  3. Wow that is fantastic and I also love antique brass although I'm not a fan of the shiny brass. Will try and link to your party tomorrow x

  4. Great Idea and it came out VERY cute!!

  5. Very ingenious! It turned out great!

  6. Love this simple and effective redo. So pretty and fallish looking!

  7. So cute! I find I better reach my creative potential when faced with little or no budget for a project! They are just perfect!

  8. I looooove it when I see projects where a blogger shopped her house (or yard). ;) Looks fabulous!

  9. Love the rustic new look for the fern! The cost is FABULOUS too! Great job!

  10. Nicely done, Melissa! It'll be showing up in the Pottery Barn catalog next {with everything else I see in blogland}. I wish I had remembered your party because I actually have something I could have done. I just don't have the time to do it in. Ack - maybe next time!

  11. What a cute idea! Love it!

  12. Simply adorable. I love that you just went out back, and came up with that fun and FREE project. Precious!

  13. I love sticks!!! They are as cheap as it gets and you can do so many things with them. Great idea!!!

  14. LOVE that idea. Would you mind sharing your budget? I am trying to find a system that works for me...I am always over and love to hear what works for others. I think it would make a great post!!

  15. cute idea!! your lampshade would look great with a dark ribbon around the top and bottom edges!

    xo, cassie

  16. I laughed reading this post! I too have been over my budget this month.. Bad Angela and Bad Melissa :) Great post and adore your postings. Take care:)

  17. Jackie B @ The Spin Cycle1/16/14, 10:29 PM

    Love it the way it is. Would never have thought about the day lillies. I am EXTREMELY PICKY about this kind of stuff and it wouldn't look "organic" if the holder's sticks were completely straight. Loved your weathered pots too. Gonna have to try that out this Spring. I have just started my blog on Blogger (The Spin Cycle), but need a good kick in the butt to get started. I am afraid that everyone in Blogland will just go EEEEWWWWWW, she has NOTHING TO SAY. Gonna have to stop being a perfectionist because it makes me crazy and depressed. I loved looking through your blog. Crazy, yes! But you certainly seem to have a great handle on the kids and the house. I'll keep lookin' your way for some inspiration! Keep it up!


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