license plates round 3

22 September 2010

Tami is an interior designer in Michigan and sent us this plate. She said, “I did the license plate idea for my son years ago.  We have since moved.. and left them all in his old room ... or I could have helped you out with a lot!” Thanks, Tami! I would have loved to see his room…
september 2010 067 1

Arizona came from Ciradessa. She said, “ I've had this silly license plate for years and I just didn't have the heart to get rid of it. I'm glad it's going to a good home. :)” Thank you, Ciradessa!september 2010 068 1 
Katie sent us this Oregon plate and says, “ Just consider it payment for allowing me to stalk you on a regular basis :)” Thanks so much, Katie!september 2010 070 1 
We are almost there! See here for the updated list.


  1. If there are some that you don't get, check ebay. There are a bunch starting @ .99

  2. Hey! I was browsing Etsy this morning, and when I saw this shop, I totally thought of you!

  3. Do you have a West Virginia yet?
    We live in WV and although we haven't lived here long enough to have extras laying around, I bet we could find you one pretty easily. Let me know!
    MegJill at


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