autumn flower pins

12 October 2010

I was itching to make some cute flower pins for autumn. I know you’ve probably seen these all over blogland and they are super easy to make. I finished all of these in about an hour and a half, but that was making lots of mistakes along the way too, and digging for fabric scraps.
This one is just taking a strip of fabric, twisting, and rolling into a circle, hot glue gunning along the way, and then adding a little bling to the middle. (an old earring I had)
september 2010 025 1

For this one, I used Tidymom’s rosette flower pin tutorial. Basically it’s 4 circles of felt scrunched together, but she does an excellent job of explaining it.september 2010 028 1

For the pyro lovers out there, this one was the most fun to make. Cut a bunch of different sizes of circles, skim them along a candle flame, put a few stitches through the middle and there you go. september 2010 033 1

For this one, I cut up a sweater that I shrunk. Cut 2 circles, one a little smaller than the other.september 2010 012 1
Scrunch them up, september 2010 013 1
Put some stitches in the back to hold it. (No, don’t adjust your monitor: I.sewed.something!)september 2010 017 1
Roll up a small strip into a little cinnamon roll. I think a big wooden button would be fabulous as well.september 2010 021 1
Hot glue it in the center, spray it with some yummy perfume. Flowers are supposed to smell good! I smelled the most heavenly scent this weekend: Chanel Chance. Mmmmm.september 2010 027 1
and you’re ready for fall!
For the backs, you can use a standard pin: (mostly I am just showing this picture so you can admire my stitches)september 2010 035 1
An alligator clip to put on a purse, jacket, back behind pocket, on your dog’s collar, or in your hair: september 2010 036 1
Or, I have been known to use a good old safety pin to fasten it.september 2010 039 1
If you want more flower goodness, there are lots more flower tutorials compiled here.


  1. So so fun!! I have been having an obsession with those rolled flower. I can't stop making them. And I feel so festive when I have a cute pin to wear on a sweater :) I love those!


  2. These are glorious! Love them all! You are one crafty lady!


  3. Those are some pretty rocking awesome flowers. I might just have to jump in now! I have been seeing people make these long enough.

  4. I love them all. Each time I thought I had a favorite I scrolled down to the one.

  5. I love those and have been wanting to play with some fabric and make some! I love the sweater idea!!! I bought a leather pink coat at Goodwill and intend to make a flower with it!

  6. awesome post! i am your newest follower! so excited to have found you and your awesome blog:)

  7. You've been very busy. All your flowers are so adorable. Makes me want to make a few of my own.

  8. They're all so cute!! Thanks for the shout out too!

  9. Melissa, these are so cute! I'm so bad at remembering to put on jewelry, but maybe I could remember if I had some cute pins like this. Or maybe i should just make one, pin it on a jacket, and leave it. That much i could probably handle!

  10. perfect, truly lovely, easy, fast and inexpensive projects! thank you. thank you. thank you.

  11. I LOVE anything've just added a new spin to them!
    I saw you featured over at Tatertots and Jello.

  12. I love, love, love all these flowers! And I adore how easy they are to make! Thanks for sharing.


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