little shelf in the bathroom

16 February 2011

So, we’re back downstairs in the bathroom. You’ve never been introduced to this room before, have you? I will have to share our finished basement plans with you, but for now I was content to get a little shelf up.
February 2011 014 1 The shelf came from a yard sale back in Texas for 50 cents.

The tin is from TJ Maxx ($3.99) and the q-tips are from Walgreens. (ummm…$2.79??)
I added a 75 cent thrift store frame with a quote printed in simplified arabic fixed font {is that right?? I think I just had it in microsoft word)
The little loofah was part of a gift basket (I think?)
The wall color is called pickling spice from Pittsburgh Paints: see color matches here.
Total: $8.03
Much more to come, but it’s a little progress, right?
February 2011 004 1
Oh, and P.S.! Robyn just sent me a deal tip:
“my hobby lobby is clearancing out a lot of furniture for 30% off.  I found some great scratch and dents for 80% off!
They had beautiful mirrors and frames also that only needed a little touch up.”
Happy Wednesday~


  1. Love the color chosen!! and the shelf sweetens the room :)

  2. Very cute - I'm thinking that framed quote would be perfect in my boys' bathroom. A great reminder in a place they'll see it every day!

  3. I love the quote. I think I need to find a place in my house to put that. It is simple...but perfect.

  4. I love it! you always from the best quotes!!


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