dorothy inspired diy artwork

21 March 2011

When our first daughter was born, we named her the name I had picked out since I was 14: Lauren.
We needed a beautiful middle name to go with it, so we used my grandmother’s name: Dorothy.
lauren dorothyI still adore it.

When I saw these shoes at Walmart, (on clearance right now for $7) I knew they would be perfect in her room.
march 2011 018 1We thought that the blatant FADED GLORY took away some of the magic, so we pulled out the lining and traced them onto some light blue paper, then glued them back in.February 2011 031 1  We put the yellow scrapbook paper behind the plexi-glass in the frames, then hot glued the shoes right to the glass~they are really lightweight.
And, do you remember this SL I payed $12 for?? I’m so getting my money’s worth out of it. I still peruse the pages and have lots of upcoming projects with inspiration from this baby:
They had the cutest graphic art (in an office, I think?) with these words on it, so I made one for Lauren’s room. I used Bebas Neue font {you can download it here for free!} and printed it out in color.
February 2011 002 1 Then, we just attached it to some scrapbook paper from Michaels with some double sided tape.
march 2011 015 1 The matching frames are Goodwill .75 goodies spray painted in Krylon ivy leaf and bahama sea.
Total cost:
Frames: $1.50
Spray paint: left over from wall o’ mirrors
Shoes: $7
Scrapbook Paper: $2
Total: $10.50
Doh! Almost under $10. I’m cheating and adding it to Under $10 Under 1 Hour.


  1. i visit often, and recently came across a post about spray painting picture frames (which somehow slipped my mind all these years, haha).  best.idea.ever.  you should see my garage - it's spray painted picture frame central out there.  i've found them all at thrift shops for pennies.

    i'm commenting a lot tonight, i know.  i'm up late & can't sleep.

  2. Lina Darnell1/8/14, 6:15 PM

    I like this project so much...creative and simple :) Just discovered your fantastic blog. newfollower. Hope you can stop  by FFL when you have time :)

    Fancy Frugal Life

  3. What an adorable idea! I love your unconventionally personalized art!


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