a simple fall (non) mantel

27 September 2011

This is our fall (non) mantel. sept 2011 006 3
  sept 2011 011 1
sept 2011 016 1
The only thing I bought for it was the pie pumpkin at the grocery store ($1.29) and the white milk glass vase from the thrift store. ($3) Everything else was from previous years. Definitely Under $10, Under 1 Hour…the party is next Wednesday! All are welcome :)
under 10 1 hr 2011 1 
We’re trying to make a spooky mantel downstairs, but it’s not spooky enough yet..we need to add more spiders. Coming next week!
The Lettered Cottage
Come on over! Have you pulled your autumn decor out yet??signature


  1. Please tell about your curtain fabric!

  2. Mommahenscoop1/8/14, 6:05 PM

    I think there were more "non-mantels" than there were actual fireplace mantels: love it!

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:05 PM

    They are from the game Boggle! The kids like to play with them...I just think they are cool and they bring back memories of playing with my Grandma :)

  4. Love it!  Love the whole concept!

  5. I love it!  Very simple.  The leaves are beautiful.


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