courage for the week 2.5.11

04 February 2012

god hath not given


  1. This is my favorite! This one helped me decide to marry my husband 5 and a half years ago! Love your blog, it is really my favorite!

  2. Melissa, I wanted to thank you for posting this last week. I have been dealing with pretty severe insomnia for a month now. Tuesday night was my first night without Ambien for a long time and I was SCARED to do it, because I knew that the last time I had a night without Ambien, I was awake the whole entire night. I was so afraid that would happen again that I put it off and took the pills. This scripture gave me the courage I needed to try sleeping without the pills! Ironically, I didn't sleep again that entire night, but the difference is that I wasn't stressed or afraid because I must have recited this scripture in my mind about 150 times during the course of that night, and the nights since then. Last night I actually slept through the night without drugs or exhaustion, which hasn't happened since January 15! Reading this scripture truly made a huge difference in my attitude this week and was absolutely an answer to prayers and a fulfilling of the blessing I had gotten a few weeks ago. I know you probably didn't post it just for me, but I felt like you did. So thank you--your actions are more far-reaching than you know! :) Heidi


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