tidbits 2.3.12

03 February 2012

1. The winner of the Withings Body Scale is #29,  kt7! Congrats! I’ve emailed you~

2. We were in Home Depot this week (of course we were.) and bathrooms are on my mind since we are in the middle of ours, and this vanity caught my eye for $299february 2012 007 1

It looks like their version of this PB one, but it’s about 80% less.pb sink

Do you pick out mickeys while you are there?february 2012 006 1

3. Gently: I like that word for driving.february 2012 010 1

4. trying fun new hats at Target on special time: they are putting out all of their spring stuff!february 2012 011 1

5. rainbow before school~it’s been gorgeous here!february 2012 015 1

6. This is my husband’s favorite shepherd’s pie recipe. Pure comfort food~don’t worry fitness girls…I only had 1/2 cup.  I still eat the same dinner with my family, I’m finding it’s all about portion control. and filling half your plate with veggies. and drinking a full glass of water before eating.february 2012 043 1

7. I am over at Homemaker on a Dime talking about blogging, money, and balance~click here to come on over.

Have a wonderful weekend, you wonderful people!signature


  1. I love that bathroom vanity too.

  2. Sarah Parker Ragan1/8/14, 5:57 PM

    I think Katie at BowerPowerBlog.com bought that same vanity for her bathroom redo! You should go check it out to see how it looks installed.

  3. That is a great vanity for the price, I saw it in person a couple days ago- very nice!

  4. I totally agree with you about the whole portion control thing

  5. Hi Melissa, I just found a link to your blog while visiting Stacey's Real Southern Living.  I've been reading some of your posts (great inspiration) and am now following you.

    Have a great weekend,

  6. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:29 PM

    Thanks, Kari. Totally itching now.

  7. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:29 PM

    I hope you like it, Danielle!

  8. I have that same vanity siting in a box in my living room waiting for the tile to get finished in my bathroom.  Oh and you must get some ears for the kids, it's fun to watch my 7 year old put so much thought into what color to pick.

  9. My 2YO grabbing Mickey's definitely buys us some time while we are there!  Have a great weekend!

  10. Love these 'tidbit' posts - they keep it so real! Thanks for sharing the shepherd's pie recipe - I was scratching my head about what to make tonight - perfect! Happy weekend!

  11. Jessica @ Decor Adventures1/16/14, 11:06 PM

    I've seen that vanity at HDboth last year and this year and it is a great deal. We need to do 2 bathroom renovations, I'm so tempted to go get it, since it's been teasing me for 2 years!

  12. Cindy Isherwood1/18/14, 9:34 AM

    Awesome!  Love the PB look for less!!  TGIF!

  13. Always always grab Mickey's when at HD. Oh and I truly think everything at PB is 80% more expensive then, well, anywhere. Oh and the trying on hats thing? We had a lice outbreak in our home two years ago and will never put a hat on in a store again. I also have trouble going to the movies now too bc of it....changed me forevah....:) Is it wrong?? :)

  14. melissa*320 sycamore1/18/14, 4:15 PM

    It's the only thing that will get my boys in that store! :)


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