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29 February 2012

For the fabric covered roller shades in the master bath, I simply ironed my fabric,

wait…YES. I ironed.

One of the favorite stories in my family is when my aunt pulled out her ironing board and her daughter (I think in 1st or 2nd grade?) asked, “what’s that, mommy?” :) Anti-ironing runs strong in my family. We’re all about wrinkle free and throwing things in the dryer with a wet cloth.

february 2012 001 1

Anyway…then, I simply cut the fabric around the shade, leaving about 1.5 inch edge, then folded it over and hot glued it. Make sure your roller is turning back towards the wall, otherwise if it rolls towards you: when it rolls up, you’ll be able to see the folded over, hot-glued fabric. Does that make sense?

It still rolls up, but not easily. On this window, plenty of light still comes in, so we leave it down for most of the time because, well… it’s a bathroom and someone is usually nekked. I don’t think I would put it on a window where I would need to raise it up and down a lot.

after 8

I went to the back of Home Depot to the window dept and the nice fellow working there told me they may have some miscuts that would work. (go in with your measurements: draw a picture of how you want to mount the roller shade, along with the measurements and they will set you up) So I paid $3.75 for the shade!

Want some more roller spinola?

What the Vita added ribbon to her plain shades and flanked it with these fabulous curtains:roller 1



Emily at a Well Dressed Home added fabric to her kitchen shades:roller 3



Janell at Isabella & Max Rooms prettied up the shades in her daughter’s room with rick-rack and a fabulous handle:roller 2



And Rene at Cottage and Vine brightened her window with this sunny fabric on roller shades:roller 4

What an inexpensive update to your windows. Have you ever worked some magic with a window shade? It is the LAST day of February~happy leap day!!signature


  1. Looks great! The whole bathroom. I'm considering using the flooring for my bathroom. Great work!

  2. Your shade looks great!  Thank you for the mention ;)

  3. It looks great!  I am totally going to try this!

  4. Ummmm.  LOVE the bathroom first off but second (and the most important) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ROLLER SHADE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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