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08 March 2012

Doesn’t it look inviting and master-ful?? Here’s our next project:december 2011 011 1

This was during the bathroom reno, but still.

It’s not inspiring. First things, first, we need some editing and organization in this space. february 2012 011

I love this quote from Candice Olson:

candice olson

I’ve shared it on here before, but I LOVE it. I can totally whine about how small our master bedroom, master bathroom, master closet are. And a lot of days, I do as I wedge myself back into our tiny closet looking for a long lost pair of shoes or a scarf that I KNOW is in there somewhere. And I dream of huge, light-filled walk in closets.

But we loved everything else about the house and the price was right, so we’re going to make it work. A smaller space means more editing and creativity, which is a GOOD thing….right?

And so, I’m off to make peace with this room! My goal is to make it as functional as possible, while still making it pretty. I’ve got a mirror to get me started! Have you ever had to buck up and just make the best of a small space? What did you do? I’d love to hear your thoughts…please, inspire me :)

here we go!signature


  1. melissa*320 sycamore1/7/14, 10:53 PM

    I love your attitude! I love that verse too. It's all about being grateful, isn't it?

  2. Sherah Taylor1/7/14, 10:53 PM

    I was just thinking today as I woke up, about that verse that says, "I have found in whatever state I am, to be content."  And then I thought about that saying on Pinterest that says, "Somewhere, someone who is busier than you is running."  Obviously that has to do with exercise =) but I thought abut it in this way, someone somewhere has a SMALLER closet than me, and a SMALLER house than me, and they are still making it work!

    We are squeezed into a tiny 1190 square foot house with eight children, ages 12 and younger.  Two bedrooms for the kids - four girls in one, four girls in another.  With 4 sets of bunkbeds there is barely room to walk in the room, and I have taken all of their clothes out and put them in the family room in individual baskets because there is no room.

    And, our closet is smaller than yours. LOL!  So I was just thinking -- my "secret" is to be so thankful that I HAVE a house, instead of an apartment!  To find the good things that I love about my house (and I do have them!) and make them beautiful.

    For so many years I have just left my home in the state/decor it was, kind of giving it up in despair that I will never have a nice home since mine is *so* small and we have *so* many kids.  But not anymore!! I am determined that, as long as it takes me, I am going to turn this into a beautiful home slowly but surely.

    I'm looking forward to your master bedroom makeover!!

  3. ruth williamson1/7/14, 10:53 PM

    love the quote. 

    also, when we bought our house, the only "downgrade" from our previous house was/is the master bedroom.  however, take heart, ours is MUCH smaller than yours!  our house was built in 1953, and the MBR is the same size as the kids' rooms.  fairly small, with one, tiny closet.  but you know what?  the rest of the house is big (nice addition added later in the 1980's) and met all our needs.  i make it work, and i'm ok with it--although i do dream of one day "stealing" the closet from the adjoining kid's room so we could have two small closets! (I'd flip/flop the doorway so it opened into our room and then drywall over their closet door.  then, we could either give them a freestanding wardrobe, or even add a closet in there, since the kid's room doesn't need to be the same size as the master, lol!)

  4. melissa*320 sycamore1/7/14, 10:53 PM

    I have thought the same thing! Changing my baby's room into a big old master closet. Not practical at all though, and as others have said, it just makes you want to fill it with more stuff. Here's to wonderful houses with tiny closets! :)

  5. Karin Olson Held1/8/14, 2:54 PM

    Closet (and dresser and under-bed) purging. We just moved to a house where my closet is the smallest I've ever had. And I have to share it. No hanging space. Literally. SO I sorted, donated and threw. And I haven't missed anything. Except that worn black pair of heels I tossed so I would be forced to buy new ones. Unfortunately, I only remember that when I'm already late for work...

  6. Rasonda@lakecottagedreams1/8/14, 2:58 PM

    Love the quote.  Keep us posted on the bedroom.  I am working on mine now and its been taking me FOREVER!!! I am hoping you don't finish before I do because I will feel like a lazy butt.

  7. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:13 PM

    Great tip, Rebecca! Thank you :)

  8. Katie goldsworthy1/8/14, 6:14 PM

    I've made the best of lots of small spaces. I've even loved how they looked in the end of "editing" them. I've come to realize that I can find cute creative little spaces for everything, but in the end, what makes it really livable, is getting rid of MORE! More than I planned on. lol
    I'm no minimalist and I LOVE clothes and fabric, my husband is a minimalist and he has a 40% theroy. When the toys, or the laundry, or the decorations (ok that last one is usually my fault), start to be a huge stress, he says, "get rid of 40% of all of them!"  That sounds like a lot, but I can usually hit around 30% and I usually don't really miss what I got rid of!

    @ Creatively Living

  9. We've lived in very small spaces....very small.  (360 sq ft apartment anyone?) Our last "master" bedroom was in Mexico and creativity led to blue walls and floor to ceiling curtains to make our window feel bigger.  My husband built a toy-box type of storage where he put his things he didn't fold anyways, one section for socks, one for t-shirts, one for jeans.  This freed up closet space for his nicer clothing and mine :-).  We're in the biggest house we've ever had now, with our own bathroom, and I still miss our tiny blue bedroom in Mexico.  I'm excited to see what you do!

  10. I'm right there with you on the tiny master bedroom, closets and such!  When we moved in I had to make a conscious effort to only keep the things that I love so the house wasn't overly full.  

  11. Patsycard20001/8/14, 6:14 PM

    I'm in that situation right now... Love my house but the closets are small.  They did put those organizers in them which is nice but bottom line is they are small.  I'm not very good at tossing but in this situation there is no alternative.  Normally every morning I'm on my hands and knees looking for a certain pair of shoes.  So that will keep me flexible!  Love the quote.

  12. My moto that inspires me on a daily basis is.....the little house that could(dammit)!

  13. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 10:58 PM

    Ummmm, no...unfortunately. You know how you know you're going to re-do it soon anyway, so what's the use in keeping it neat until then?

  14. I love the paint color on the left. What is it?

  15. Kim Singletary1/16/14, 11:03 PM

    Purge,Purge and Purge some more... I live in a 1065 square feet cottage, family of 4.  That is how I keep my sanity in my small  house.  As for our master, there is only one closest and I let my DH have that.  Since most of his clothes require hanging and mine don't that's the compromise we made.  So when we bought a new bedroom set, we bought two 5 drawer dressers and one  9 drawer dresser.  He got one of the 5 drawer  and I kept the other two.  We put bed risers on the bed, gave us a ton of storage. Also when summer comes, I pack up all the winter clothes and store in suitcases and or rubbermaid tubs until that season again.  It works for us.  My shoes, some I store under the bed, (like heels, boots, etc) and I have one of those  organizers from Target that I put the shoes I wear alot next to my bed.  So this is what's working for me, would I love his and her closets, heck yea!!..LOL..but until that day comes... I just get creative and make it work:) Good luck with your re-do , can't wait to see it:)


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