dresser in mustard seed milk paint {kitchen scale}

12 March 2013

Isn’t it just a delicious color?? We used Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint in the kitchen scale color. I’ll give you the lowdown:MMS kitchen scale paint

I found this sweet dresser + miror last spring at the Goodwill for $35! Our Goodwill is ca-razy with their pricing. Sometimes yucky, laminate fall apart furniture is $100. And then a dresser like this is $35?? Whatever, I’ll take it.march 2012 012
We cleaned the drawers out really well and let them soak up some sunshine to freshen it up a bit.march 2012 014
Then, we primed it and let it sit in my daughter’s room for a YEAR. I always have high ambitions…and her room is always clean.dresser primed
Then, my friend Marian (Miss Mustard Seed) came to the rescue. She asked if I would like to sample her new line of milk paint. Ummmm….okay. I GUESS :) Even the box is beautiful!mms kitchen scale
I knew the kitchen scale color would be perfect in Hailey’s room. I had never used milk paint before, but Miss Mustard Seed has every step for you on her awesome video tutorials. Since we had already primed this dresser and my daughter made it clear she didn’t want an old, chippy, antiquey look (sigh..which I love) so we used the bonding agent to keep everything nice and smooth. The wonderful thing about this paint is that you can do either look: old, chippy, antique-y, OR new, vibrant, smooth. Her colors are gorgeous.
mustard seed supplies
The furniture wax sealed it all beautifully. (we didn’t use the antiquing wax on this one)
miss mustard seed kitchen scale paint
My tips would be to just mix a little up to practice with ~ the consistency is something to get used to. Mix it well~I used a blender! If you let it sit for awhile or leave your project and come back to it, mix it up really well again. I would use it again in a heartbeat!
MMS kitchen scale paint
Thank you, Marian! I also need to remind you about the PARTY on Thursday! I always look forward to seeing what projects/makeovers you’ve come up with that are fast and cheap.
under $10 under 1 hr spring 2013
See you then! signature


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