easy + inexpensive teacher thank you

28 May 2013

Here is what we are giving my oldest daughter’s teachers this year. She has has a lot more teachers in middle school, but we still wanted to do something to show appreciation that didn’t break the bank, so this is the $3 gift that we came up with:

FLIP teacher gift

We went with a “flip” theme~they sell the bags of Flipz at Target dollar spot and the Dollar Tree (my favorite are the white fudge!). The flip flops were $1 at Kmart over the weekend, and the metal spatulas (flippers!) were also at the dollar store. Tie them all together with a cute ribbon, add this tag (for the printable, click here!)

FLIPS teacher gift

and there you go! For the male teachers, you could get men’s flip flops, but Lauren wasn’t thrilled about that, so we just left them off. We’re all about saving ink around here, so click here to download the four to a page printable.

FLIPS teacher tagsHonestly, the most important part is the thank-you card from your child. That is what will mean the most~I try to help them sit down and really think of what they appreciated about the teacher along with a favorite memory.
This is our last week of school~lots of “end-of” celebrations. But hooray for almost summer break!!


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