2013 autumn front porch

18 September 2013

Hello, friends! We are renting a duplex while we will be building. It is half the size of our previous house, but it’s going to be home for the next 7-8 months, so we’re working with what we’ve got. Here is our autumn front porch:fall front porch

I picked up a wooden crate at Joann Fabrics for $12.99-40% off coupon = about $8.00. I was going to make one myself, but then I saw this one and it was worth every penny to me for the time of not having to make one. I also grabbed some Minwax stain in weathered oak and special walnut.wood crate from Joann's and stain
I took the weather oak, added just a little bit of special walnut (probably about a 1:5 ratio?) and it was just the color I was looking for. I always use the cheapie disposable foam brushes for stain. And gloves. So you don’t go to the school open house and shake hands with the teacher with weather oak-special walnut-stained hands.staining a wood crate
stained wood crate
Add some fall mums and you are set! My hardware stores had awesome prices this year on them.wood crate with mums
Another thrifty tip is to use tin cans (I found one in my pantry that was actually gold!) and just tie a piece of burlap around it for a little fall touch.burlap on tin can
Welcome, fall! Now, let’s see if I can remember to water these mums…

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