my kids’ top 10 favorite picture books ever

17 September 2013

We adore books in this house and have quite the collection after collecting for more than 15 years. We’ve shared our favorite Christmas books here, but I asked my kids to pick out their top 10 favorite picture books for a little presentation I was giving at my church women’s group. It was so fun and quite revealing to see the ones that they picked together. I don’t know if I would have picked them correctly on my own. I am going to share the links on Amazon, but of course you can find them at thrift stores, ebay, library sales, your mother’s basement, you know.
favorite kid's books

Henry's Awful Mistake and Henry Babysits These were originally offered by the Parents Magazine book club~ I read them 30 years ago! They just love the predicaments Henry gets in:henry books

Long before Max and Ruby were on television, we ate this book up: Max's Dragon Shirt Like all good books, the t.v. version just isn’t how we imagined it. Read the book.max's dragon shirt

This is falling apart we have read it so much. Do you remember this one? You have to talk like a moose when you’re reading it. (low, kind of dumb voice??) Morris is so funny: Morris Goes to School
morris goes to school

This is a more difficult one to find these days. I never thought my kids would love it as much as they did ~ it is a funny story about a man that trades yarn for milk and cheese with a sweet little twist at the end.socks for supper

Harry the Dirty Dog: classic. Not much else to say here.harry the dirty dog

Oh, you remember this one~don’t turn the page!! This is the one I kind of dread reading when I am tired, but just try to get through without your little one laughing: The Monster at the End of This Book monster at the end of this book

We adore Mercer Mayer Little Critter Books. All of them. And love to look for the frog and mouse. But this is our favorite~I need to frame his look here, because it happens a lot around here.

Big Peggy Rathmann fans here! I kind of cheated and put these together into one. Not pictured is Goodnight Gorilla, but if you get all three, try to spot where she puts a scene or character from each book into the other. They love, love, love these.
10 minutes till bedtime  officer buckle and gloria 
I don’t know what it is about p.j. funnybunny but they laugh and laugh and laugh.

and by far, all five of them chose this to be their favorite: The house of seven colors It’s an old Sesame Street book and we have taped it together numerous times. It’s about the Sesame Street gang and how they get stranded in a spooky old house where each room is decorated in a different color.
house of seven colors
I will share my personal favorite picture books another day, but these are sure kid pleasers.
our favorite kid's books
Now, I need to ask my favorite question: what are your favorites? There is nothing better than a good “new” book, and some of my favorites have come from your suggestions. Let us hear them in the comments~can’t wait!
30 days september
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