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05 March 2014

I have talked about a favorite paint website, colorcharts.org that is no longer in service. I was so sad when I couldn’t go there any longer to match colors from one brand to another. I have found something else though, almost as good! I have no relationship with them, I was just thrilled to find it and share it with you:
It’s called Color-swatches.com and here an example of how it works:
Look at this beautiful door painted in Farrow & Ball Downpipe

Since Farrow & Ball is based in England, I’m not going to have a store near me. So, I can go to color-swatches.com and go to their search feature. (under Our Services) and then type whatever paint brand I love into the “convert to another brand” section:

farrow ball

Here is what comes up as the closest Sherwin Williams colors to down pipe:
color swatches conversion

Cool, huh? Let’s try it with another – the wildly popular Revere Pewter.  I knew it was close to Behr’s wheat bread that I used in our previous master bedroom, but let’s see how close. When I typed it in to match in Behr paint, wheat bread came up, but look how close the formulas are:

revere pewter and wheat bread comparison

Almost a dead ringer! Anyway, it is just a fun resource I wanted to share with you, especially since painting a whole house is on my mind these days…have fun playing!


  1. Awesome! Thank you for this!

  2. Oh, that's neat! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, thank you for sharing this! I've missed colorcharts.org and this is a nice substitute.


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