simple lemon wreath

04 March 2014

Enough of winter. Spring is coming this month, no matter what outside is saying! So we’re going to put together something to welcome warmth, sunshine, green, and new life.
lemon wreath -- 320 sycamore

I picked up a garland at Hobby Lobby (wait until they are 50% off or use a coupon) $14.99garland at hobby lobby
a box or two of small lemons – I found these at Tuesday Morning ($3.99), but I also saw some at Hobby Lobby or here at Amazon .lemons at tuesday morning
Just wire the garland all the way around an 18” wreath with florist wire. Then, hot glue lemons here and there until it looks good to you.
Sometimes it’s tricky to find fat ribbon that I love, so many times I will just make my own “ribbon” out of a piece of fabric – like I did with this wreath.
This one was 1/4 of a yard. Hot glue the pattern edges together,making a fabric ribbon
turn it out,make a fabric ribbon
and there you go. Thumb tack or staple it to the top of the door—most fiberglass doors have a wood strip at the top. OR, hang it on a wreath hanger and then just make it look like the ribbon is holding it with some more hot glue.
polka dot fabric ribbon
Spring: come on in! We are so ready for you, please don’t be late…
simple lemon wreath -- 320 sycamore

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  1. This is beautiful, Melissa! Simply perfect!! Such a nice way to welcome guests into your home. Happy almost spring!

  2. LOVE this Melissa! We have lemon trees and I'm crazy about them. What a beautiful wreath!

    1. You could make a real one! :) Thanks, Erin ~

  3. I'm adding to my to-do list this weekend. Absolutely love it!


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