a rug for the family room

07 October 2014

Day 7: Finding a rug for the family room upstairs has proven to be more difficult that I had thought it would be. I guess because there are so many factors: price, color, wear and tear, whether it snags or looks awful after a few weeks, how well stains come up, how they are with vacuums.

rug in family room

I had originally ordered this one from Target because I loved the texture and pattern, but it was pretty flat and not very comfortable to sit or walk on. So, I returned it and kept looking. We were in Costco and they had these 7X10 shag rugs and we were dying at how soft they were.

shag rug costco
The color was right, and it is not a high traffic area -- people walk around it, but in the middle it’s mostly for laying down or playing games on it. AND it was on markdown for $249.
So, we got it and we will see. Costco has the best return policy of any store I’ve ever known so if it starts to look awful, we’re covered.  So far -- it’s almost been a month and we’re loving it, the kids curl up like kitties on it. It’s perfectly cozy for fall.

shag rug in family room

Rugs are tricky! Have you found one that you love?



  1. I am currently looking for a rug for our front room in our new the home. I will have to check out Costco! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rugs ARE tricky! I finally just went with a carpet remnant from Home Depot. It was 7x12 and only $50. It's not a forever rug, but it works for now. I have a question about your wood floors actually... I see that they have a grooved texture. How have they been to clean?

  3. melissa*320 sycamore10/7/14, 3:51 PM

    There is a slight groove texture, that hasn't been the problem. The color shows everything -- I would have gone 2 shades lighter and something with variation.

  4. Oh man, I thought I would never find a rug for our living room. I probably shlepped home over a dozen. I hate to admit it, but I'm pretty sure I cried tears of frustration. We needed something that was light-colored, resistant to high traffic, two boys, and one dog, and soft (read: no jute or sisal). We finally went with Flor and have LOVED it. It's perfect for us, AND it's environmentally friendly!!

  5. Michele Marks10/8/14, 5:25 AM

    Hi! I am checking out your sofa...need a new one, something comfy that can hold up to daily wear & tear. Also, must be affordable.

  6. How do you keep that ottoman in such pristine condition? Between the Mr. and the little Mr. it would be filthy at my house!!

  7. We have the same rug in our living room! We had moved into our house in April of last year, and I had been looking high and low for a rug. Hubby came home with it a few days before Christmas of last year, and we LOVE it!!! It is soooo soft... isn't it?!?! It has held up really well for us too. We have 5 kids.


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