06 October 2014

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Day 6: I actually love Mondays right now. I say right now because I haven’t always loved them.

They are new beginnings, a hope for a better week with grand ambitions. Monday is always my best day for exercising and eating well, my body is usually screaming for it after the weekend. I make a to-do list for the week and plan dinners and my grocery list. If you’ve noticed I hardly ever, ever post on Mondays even though blog experts report that is the highest traffic day. It’s my day to get things back in order.

The garbage comes on Monday and I always see how much I can get out there before it comes. There is something deeply satisfying watching my junk being hauled away, out of sight and to have empty garbage cans, even just for a few minutes.

I also love Mondays because I am home for most of the day. The older I get, the more I love to be at home. Errands and grocery shopping used to be a fun excuse to get out of the house with little ones to break up long days. Now, as our children are older I am in the car a lot, driving between games, practices, church activities, and lessons. I find myself wanting to be at home more and in stores less, even though it always seems I need a quick trip to the store somewhere along the way after a weekend of hungry kids. I’ve tried to plan ahead and do the only once to the grocery store a week, but haven’t been able to pull it off yet.

I also love Mondays because it is family night. A night where we do something fun together and try to involve a lesson on basic principles such as honesty, kindness, helping others, keeping the commandments, etc. and we always have treats. Some nights it’s a disaster and we wonder why we try and just go to bed. Other nights, they go really well and we grow closer as a family and we keep going. I notice that usually when we try to plan ahead and put some effort into the evening, it goes much better. I emphasize usually.

I love, loved Tad R. Callister’s talk this past weekend at our church conference: “We might all ask ourselves: do our children receive our best spiritual, intellectual and creative efforts, or do they receive our leftover time and talents?” A good thought for a Monday when I’m most ambitious.

What about you? Do you love Mondays or dread them?



  1. I totally love Mondays! And for all the same reasons as you, they are my most productive days.

  2. I love that you love Mondays. :)

    I'm loving Mondays these days, too, which makes me think that my soul craves order. I love weekends, but (after I've dragged myself out of bed!) it seems that I'm always glad to get back to the routine of the week.

  3. Love your blog. Your homes have all be lovely!! I also enjoy your refreshing honesty!!

  4. rebecca @ olderandwisor10/7/14, 3:52 PM

    That quote equally inspires me / fills me with all kinds of guilt!

  5. Monday is my new favorite day of the week too (well, tied with Sunday) for all the same reasons you listed. Our trash goes out on Thursday but I know what you mean about seeing it being hauled away. I always say it's the closest I'll ever come to having maid service! I love getting everything back in order and I love having no meetings or activities that night so we can have our Family Night.


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