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20 November 2014

favorite things 2014 at 320 Sycamore
I’m also sharing a few of my favorites from this year --

1. Cherry Limeade from Walmart. I discovered it this summer, it is SO good. Zero calories, better than Sonic in my humble opinion and like 80 some cents a bottle.

2. Sugar Paper planners at Target. I use my phone for reminders and to coordinate with my husband for games, meetings, etc. but I still love a good paper planner for making a plan for the day (and crossing it off) taking to meetings for notes, planning, etc. I LOVED the Martha Stewart planner at Staples but they are discontinuing them for next year, so I’ve been on the lookout. The best and closest thing I’ve found is this weeky + monthly planner. I got the striped with the gold in the store, and for $10?? Perfect.

3. Jack’s Salsa -- we are hooked. We buy it at Costco. Soooooo good.

4. Mentha Lip Tint in light pink -- my favorite lip gloss for 10 years. Just a little pink, lots of shine, yummy mint scent.

5. Norpro Crepe Pan -- we have 2 of these -- I originally got them for making crepes, but they get used EVERY day. Perfect for cooking raw tortillas, making grilled cheese, just a perfect size.

6. Pixi Correction Concentrate -- I have dark circles and this is the best I’ve found for them. A little goes a long way --it lasts forever

7. Fresh Balsam Candle -- SO many of you had this on your list last year, I had to get one and now I’m hooked. This and the Winter are my favorites, it instantly smells like Christmas when you burn them.

8. O-Cedar Spray Mop I found this at the store one day and it has been my best friend for our wood floors. I love it because you can refill it with any cleaning solution or just water, you don’t have to buy a specific brand. I use a little Mrs. Meyers with water and go to town. The microfiber pads are just the best I’ve found and you can buy extras.

And, here are some of my past favorite things from 2013

Now it’s your turn!I can’t wait to see your favorite things.  Please at least visit the 2 entries before yours and leave a comment.  I would love for you to copy the little badge below and link up back here. Please only favorite things posts, others will be deleted. Thank you for party-ing with us!  :)

favorite things 2014

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  1. I linked up this year! I used a Sugar Paper planner all this past year and really liked it and you can't beat that prices. I just can't justify shelling out upwards of $50 for a planner but that's just me. I plan to get another one this year too and included it on my list too. :) (Cheatham Chatter on link-up)

  2. This is fun!! I love peeking into the minds of women/Moms.

  3. Thanks for hosting! I look forward to this link up every year!

  4. I linked up for the first time this year! I am so going to get some of the Pixie Correction! Thanks for hosting this fun event!

  5. Thanks for doing this every year, it's so fun! I always love your lists.
    We love the salsa, too, we just discovered it this year too. Can't wait to buy some of that cherry limeade, my mouth is watering!

  6. Tracy: Right Up My Alley11/21/14, 10:54 AM

    Thanks for hosting Melissa! I love your style. I too put the Sugar Paper planner on my favorites list because I used it this year and I'll be using it again. I'm going now to check on all these other ideas and favorites selections. Looks like I need to get that crepe pan too!

  7. blogqueendiane11/21/14, 7:51 PM

    Just found your linkup from a post at http://www.houseofhighlands.com/2014/11/20/my-favorite-things-2014/. Wow! what a great idea! I want to do this, too. Glad I found your blog.

  8. Sugar Paper is on my list of favorite things too! Just love their stuff!

  9. I don't normally comment, but I saw that Pixi corrector and just had to say I love it too!

  10. I use that spray mop with vinegar and water, it's great! Better for your home and the environment! :)


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