thanksgiving front porch

11 November 2014

I love Thanksgiving -- it’s a time between busy holidays to take a breath, to give thanks to those who have served our country (Happy Veteran’s Day!), reflect, be grateful, and be with family.
Here is our front porch -- I would love to find a cozy plaid throw and a pillow to put on the rocking chairs but I haven’t found anything I love (at a decent price!)

Thanksiving porch

pumpkins on porch
thanksgiving wreath

I want to share a few Thanksgiving books we love tomorrow -- see you then!



  1. Looks wonderful, Melissa! Aren't you so glad you bought that console table??

    I've heard of people finding plaid shirts at thrift stores and using the fabric to make pillows. My Goodwill is a great source for pillows to re-cover (just $1.29 per pillow, and I've found down pillows several times!), but I've not spotted plaid shirts. Maybe you'll have better luck! Or perhaps you could find plaid placemats and stuff them for easy pillows like the ones I made at Christmas last year (

    Can't wait to see your favorite Thanksgiving books! I've given away several copies of your favorite Christmas book. :)

  2. This is very pretty. I'm glad to see some Thanksgiving decor among the Christmas decor sprouting up all over the place. The chalkboard is my favorite! :)

  3. The little white pumpkins on your wreath are so cute. There is a simple beauty to them!


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