simple winter decor

13 January 2015

For me, January is a time to be at home. To light a candle, make some soup, fill the calendar with exciting things to look forward to, take all of the cardboard to recycling, listen to some peaceful music. Most of Christmas comes down, but I am leaving the village up through January because I still love the cozy lights at night. I love to bring out some pinecones and yarn balls:

winter decor

paperwhites and labeled drawers. Books and candles. Cozy throws, sweater pillows, and framed family pictures.

winter decor paperwhites

In past years, I have used pine sprays from our tree and weeds from a field. What do you like to surround yourself with in the winter?


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  1. rebecca @ olderandwisor1/13/15, 4:44 PM

    Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies :)


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