above the bed artwork in boys’ room

03 March 2015

Hello! Utah finally decided to have winter, now that it is March. I know you eastern and southern folks are sick of hearing winter so let's talk about something else. 

Waaaaayyyy back in Texas in 2009 I found these 2 cool airplane prints for $1 each at a yard sale. I loved them so I studied the signature in the corner and thought it said Biederman, so searched for the artist. It turns out that Jerome Biederman painted World War 2 planes and cars and I happened to find a calendar from 1981 that was full of his paintings on Ebay and bought it. And then saved it for 5 years!!

airplane calendar cut up on cork squares   stripes boys room

The calendar got cut up, I used my cork squares from another Texas yard sale that I’ve also been hoarding and got some big upholstery tacks from the Restore. I tacked up the print and cork square all together with one pin right into the wall and had me some artwork for above the boys’ bunkbed.

boys room stripes and airplane prints 
The paint colors are Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray on the walls, with SW Copper Mountain leftover from their dressers, and SW Naval.

above boys bunkbed art

For straight lines, I bought this laser level when it was $10 on an Amazon sale and then just taped the lines off an then sealed them with some matte mod podge. It dries quickly, then you just paint right over it and when you take the tape off, you have perfectly straight lines with no bleeding.

for perfect stripes, seal tape with mod podge

boys room airplane prints with stripes

Baby steps to finishing the boys room....


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  1. My MIL lives in Utah and she sent us a picture from out her office window in SLC yesterday, solid white. Yikes! I love the airplane prints on the cork!


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