5 fundamentals for keeping a boy’s room organized

07 April 2015

1. a place to store treasures: a box under the bed, a drawer, a basket that is just for them: no one will touch it and they can bring out their inner pack rat. We usually clean these out after Christmas and sometime in the summer. If they begin to smell, you better find out what’s in there now.

2. a place for books. Use baskets, shelves, racks, bins, ikea spice racks. Books are a must and create the best bedtime bonding.
kids room book ledges diy

3. a place to pin stuff up: we love every child to have a bulletin board so they don’t put a million holes in the walls. Hang them behind the door, in a closet, above a desk. A place where they can hang pictures, programs, artwork. In the boys’ room they are in a closet:

4. a spot for dirty laundry: our basket is by the closet.

5. Hooks behind the door for robes, hats, coats.

Here are some other organizing tips for small spaces
Since I’m the queen of organizing :) ha! I’m not, but just some things that have worked for me. What about you -- any great tips for organization in kids’ rooms?

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  1. Hey sweet Melissa! These are great tips! I've found the idea to give them their own junk drawer to be very effective! When we moved into this house 10 years ago, I assigned each of my guys a drawer in the kitchen. It's wonderful because if I find something of theirs, I can just put it in the right drawer. Their drawers tend to be pretty messy, but no one has to see the mess. When they're looking for something, my advice is almost always "Look in your drawer."

    If my calendar is correct, today (4/8) is your birthday. I hope it's a very happy one!


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