Laundry Room

20 January 2016

Hello! I’ve been working on our laundry room to make it more functional, yet a pretty space to be in. C’mon – it’s laundry. It’s already not fun, so I wanted the space to be kind of pleasant to be in. I showed some pictures here of when we first moved in and the picture frame mats to bring some color and cheer in. It’s between the garage and the kitchen so it doesn’t have a window or any natural light, so this was hard to get pictures of!

I usually don’t fold laundry in my laundry room. I bring our laundry (me & my husband’s) out to the kitchen table and fold while I watch something or when the kids get home and they are buzzing around practicing or doing homework. For my kids, each has a different laundry day and I wash it for them during the day. When they come home, they take it to their room to fold. That’s our laundry system! So I didn’t need/want a huge laundry room because I really don’t spend too much time in there.

Anyway! I don’t know if you wanted to know all of that! Back to the room: I typed up a favorite quote, sent it to Staples and had it printed on an 18X24 print for $2. Then I found these great huge frames at Michaels (back in August, I really do take forever on projects) for $12.99! They still sell them and you can watch for a great sale.

laundry room

That is an odd sock basket on the counter and a hanging rod over the sink,
simple laundry room

And I made shelves to store my craft junk stuff – a tutorial coming soon!
laundry room storage

and added a banner from the dollar spot at Target ($1!!)
laundry room shelves ideas

and a bunch of storage baskets from Ross. They were only $3.99 and $5.99 each. The cute jars were also from Target dollar spot and the Mrs. Meyers from the crazy sale this fall.
The picture frames were from the dollar tree and the mats were were wrapped in pretty wrapping paper – tutorial here.
laundry room shelves

Next to the soaking sink is a big jar of Tide
laundry counter

and then in the basket there is oxy, bleach (I love the splashless kind!), a perfect size container of fabric softener, I just keep refilling it with Snuggle blue), some fabric sheets, a bleach pen and the BEST stain remover ever. It really is.
laundry supplies basket

On the back of the door I have an ironing board organizer, a bag stuffed full of clothes to iron (I obviously do it often?) and a wall organizer – this is the same one I used in our old master and for our piano books. I am turning it into a hobby to collect them Smile I use this one for tissue paper and gift bags. Below the counter is a hook to hold larger gift bags and a big basket full of basketballs.
laundry room door

I always keep the little lamp on and it just keeps everything cozy.
lamp in laundry room
Now, this is what it looked like while I was working on it on and off during the holidays. Do you see the light?? That’s what I need to finish up and share with you how it came together. Always a project going on here! I’ll show you how I made the shelves next week.

messy laundry room

Thanks for coming in and surviving the talk about everything~


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