basement and Lego storage

03 February 2021

 Hello! I have boys that LOVE Legos and it has always been a storage frustration with what to do with all of them. We've tried plastic totes and separating them by color but their collection quickly outgrew those little plastic drawers and let's be honest -- they never stayed separated by color. We also tried keeping them on a big blanket so you can move them and gather them up quickly but we're ready to  try something new down in the basement next to the ping pong table. We got these cube storage shelves from Walmart and I've already shared my love of these BH&G storage totes that hold all of the Legos, plus ping pong balls and paddles.

It's also a great place to display beloved Lego creations, both on the top and in the cubes.

I have also loved these wood Studio McGee lamps at Target that we put on each end -- they also have a dimmer switch on them!

This isn't the first time we've used the cube organizers -- they are great in boys' closets and one of the most popular posts on 320 Sycamore -- a  mini closet makeover. They make the cutest storage bins now!

I would love find something great to put on the wall above the cube organizers -- I'll keep you posted! I hope this gives some ideas for the things you need to organize.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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