Fiddle leaf fig pots and shoe racks

24 March 2021

We need to talk. First up -- I had to replant fiddle leaf because he's getting really big. Remember how little he started? 

My best advice for fiddle leaf figs is indirect light (not right in front of a window) and and a big cup of water (like the souvenir stadium cups you get at games) once a week. Since it's bigger I now water with 2 of those cups. But that's it! And then repot when it seems like it's outgrowing the current pot and you can add some fertilizer in the summer when it's growing but don't add any fertilizer in the winter. 

I found this planter pot with a stand at Home Depot but it's not showing up for me now. Here is the smaller version but you should be able to find the bigger 16 inch one in the store for around $45. I was super impressed with their selection of garden pots this year and felt like this was the best deal for what I was in the market for.

Also: you have to know that my closet shoe stand I was excited to share with you last January completely collapsed!! I heard an awful crash in the middle of the night and that was it. I was so proud of how it held up last year even when the other reviews said theirs had collapsed.  I guess it lasted a year and 3 months but I don't want to be shopping for a new rack every year so I wanted a sturdier option with a wood or metal frame. I considered making my own but have you seen lumber prices lately?? So I went searching for a metal frame without plastic corners and came up with this one at Walmart.

 I don't think you can order it online but I found it in a store about 20 minutes away. I think it's going to work! The metal is sturdy and it's held together with metal screws and has rollers on the bottom. 

The fabric is mesh but I found it's not the fabric that matters -- it is definitely the frame.  It holds all of my shoes plus I can put off season boots on the back so I'm crossing my fingers! I will let you know. Happy Wednesday!

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