Favorite Things 2022: my sister Kelsey!

08 November 2022

Welcome back to my sister, Kelsey (Kels)!! It has been six years (!) since we've had her so we decided we needed her back! I love this girl and this adorable family of hers and you will too ♥

 Vuori Joggers

If I were to recommend one favorite thing I have for the past year… it is these joggers. Once you put them on, you will understand. They are pricey, but worth it. I have gifted them to my Mom, Mother in Law, and 2 of my sisters and everyone loves them. You get 20% off your first order - a pop up should appear when you go to the site.

Perfect for: Parents, siblings, friends, teens, significant other 

If you need a top to go with your joggers, look no further than this top! Same wonderful material as the joggers. The perfect lounge set. 

Perfect for: Parents, siblings, friends, teens, significant other

These have changed my salt and pepper experience. I keep them out by my stove all the time. You simply, turn them over and they start grinding. And they have a light so you can see how much salt/pepper is coming out. I never knew I could get so excited about a gadget like this!

Perfect for: Anyone who loves to cook, parents, host gift, housewarming gift

Perfect for: Parents/grandparents, family gift

This is one of the most used items in my home. I use it everyday, if not numerous times daily. Something about not having to plug it in makes it so easy to use. So easy your husband might even reach for it =)

Perfect for: Any homeowner

I got the group ziploc organizer on Prime Day and I have loved having my bags out of the boxes and a little more organized. If your drawers aren't wide enough you can just buy the separate pieces. You will feel more organized and its easier to tell when you are running low. 

Perfect for: Anyone who loves organization

I love this color green that we did in our upstairs bonus room because it is gender neutral and it gives life to the space. I think it is the perfect balance of moodiness and calm. 

Such a great simple lip gloss that everybody loves. I love a light pink shade- White Russian, Pink Champagne, and Bellini are a few of my favorites. Watch Black Friday sales they usually go 50% off

Perfect for: stocking stuffer for any lady, girlfriend, teen girl

Perfect for: Yourself =), any favorite female

I am a mom of 4 busy kids and I have come to love and appreciate the versatility of white sneakers. I can wear them with anything in any season. And you can never have too many pair...unless you ask my husband =)

My husband and I went to Paris 4 years ago and I noticed how many people were wearing camel coats and decided I needed to fit in. I found one at Zara and have worn it so much ever since. It is so classy and will never go out of style. Here is one from Zara, very similar to mine and a couple more that I think are great options.

Perfect for: Any classy lady in your life

Perfect for: Anyone who runs/exercises

Target knocked it out of the park with this sweatshirt. Their best design this fall/winter in my eyes. Beautiful colors, comfortable, dress it up or wear it down. I own the brown color and love it. But you can't go wrong with any of them.

Perfect for: Friends, Mothers/Mothers-in-Law, Sister, You 

Perfect for: Moms, Sisters, Friends, Yourself 

Perfect for: Teachers, Neighbors, Friends, Stocking stuffer for any adult

These boxes are perfect for neighbor gifts, bringing someone dinner or just cute packaging. I get mine at my local restaurant supply store, but you can also find online. Wrap it with a cute ribbon and you are set. Good to keep on hand!

I have been on the hunt for a great duffel bag at a reasonable price and this one fits the bill. It has a couple of outside pockets and it can fit underneath an airplane seat. I debated between the black and cream and decided to go with the cream because i loved the texture. 

Perfect for: The traveler, girlfriend, mom or sister 

Do you still use makeup remover with cotton pads? These are the magic erasers for joir face. Get them wet with warm water and they will erase all the makeup from your face. Toss them in your laundry basket and wash and reuse. 

Perfect for: Anyone who wears makeup!

Thanks for letting me share some of my Favorite Things! 


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