Favorite Things 2022: my sister Kerri!

10 November 2022

We get Kerri today!!! My baby sister amazes me. She's an intentional wife + mom of 2 adorable girls, teaches at the community college and the gym, is getting her Masters degree, does master carpenter projects around her house, is always throwing crazy amazing parties, and always inspires me by texting healthy recipes and spiritual thoughts. She was here back in 2017 but lots has changed since then so be grateful she fit us into her schedule 😎

Here are her favs:

Party Light

I have had this little $12 light for 3 years and it is still a staple in our household! Kitchen clean-up blues? Blast the music, turn on the light, and the whole family will jump in. Can’t get the kids in the bath? Make it a party bath! I have also used this light for some fun cycling classes at the gym and cabin dance parties at our church camp for girls. I love that it is simple, durable, and syncs to the beat of the music. A perfect gift for families with toddlers to teenagers to liven things up during the long winter evenings.

I got this for my girls (ages 5 &3) for Christmas last year. Found it on a Black Friday sale from Amazon (Target carries it as well). It is on par with Melissa and Doug’s usual high quality and actually picks up the ice cream with the scoop and releases it with the button. By far, one of our most used toys this year by my girls and their friends.

This has been my favorite lotion for over two years now. I use it solely for color after I put on my actual body moisturizer a few times a week (I feel like that helps avoid discoloration around my knees and elbows too). It maintains a nice glow throughout the year even when my sun exposure is low. Best part is, I just add it on to my grocery order to get it! I use the Loreal serum mixed with my facial moisturizer instead of the Banana Boat. Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use to avoid orange hands.

Lululemon Like a Cloud Bra

I am always recommending this bra to everyone. If you loathe the removable inserts in sports bras as I do, this is for you. The cups are part of the bra!  Appropriately named, it is extremely soft and comfortable and gives good support for smaller chests. It was my bra of choice when I was sick and stuck in bed last month since it doesn’t have an understrap that rides up or digs. They have a longline version now if you like the cropped look.  Now I’m just hoping for a tank version, too! 

These have been a LIFE SAVER for me! Being pregnant with my third, my left leg's varicose veins have progressively worsened. For $6 plus some change (I got the gray ones because they were the cheapest) I can keep teaching at the gym without any leg issues. I like the support so much I wear them on both legs in my workouts and they don’t move!  I appreciate that I can also wear them under my jeans and wear a cute pair of booties or flats without an ugly compression sock showing on my ankle. Also great for the non-pregnant person looking for shin splint help or calf support when running or working out.

Stanley IceFlow Flip-Top: 30 oz and 64 oz

Ok, I am of the unpopular opinion that the Stanley tumbler cups are highly overrated after having one for several months. I do not like that they require an entirely devoted hand, the straw stabs my kids in the mouth, and it creates a small flood whenever it is knocked over (can you tell that I am a mother to toddlers??).  I switched to the Stanley Iceflow models and have never looked back! I LOVE the 30 oz for the day-to-day on the go because of the great handle for carrying, it fits in cup holders, and is leakproof.

The 64 oz lasts me through back-to-back classes at the gym and I can finish it on the way home without a refill. I prefer these to hydroflask since they seem more durable and the handle design is hard to beat. Also, if you order on their website, the medical personnel, military, and teachers 40% discount is AWESOME. 

This drink is simply amazing and carried me through my first trimester of this pregnancy. I consider it grown up hot chocolate 😀.  It tastes delicious, has 7-9 grams of protein per serving (depending on the flavor), collagen, and caffeine. It serves as my afternoon slump pick me up on early morning gym days and satisfies my sweets craving. My favorite flavors are dutch hot cocoa and white chocolate peppermint. I recommend getting the sample packets to figure out what your favorites are before committing to a canister. Those will be in my daughter’s kindergarten teacher gift this Christmas. The powder can be a bit tricky to mix in so using a fun mini, hand frother in a big mug is must-have with it

2022 was my year of organization and I overhauled all of my storage in the house. This was my favorite product I used in the kitchen to maximize space while preserving freshness. I was so sick of going to get a snack in my pantry for the girls only to find an empty box. It has been handy to quickly inventory foods when making my weekly grocery list and my young girls can see what snacks are available. Here is how I used it for both my drink powder cupboards and pantry snacks.It fits a standard box of crackers easily. For large Costco items, I fill the canister then store extra down below in my backstock bins. The price is super reasonable when you buy the 4-pack-- $6 a canister!

It might be a little odd I am putting men’s shorts on the list of my favorite things, but I love these because my husband loves them so much! They wash beautifully, are an inexpensive Lululemon dupe, and look more elevated than a regular pair of athletic shorts. He wears them for lounging, tennis, and everyday summer shorts. It was the first thing he requested more of for Christmas this year. 

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

If you have Amazon Prime and appreciate the benefits of your Target RedCard, this is a no-brainer! I finally talked Melissa into getting one last year. No annual fee if you are a Prime Member and you get 5% Cashback (sometimes more!) on ALL Amazon purchases. IT. IS. AWESOME. AND you get a $150 gift card as a sign-up bonus. We bank our reward points throughout the year so when Christmas rolls around we have that “free money” to put towards gifts and shopping. The downside is, we only use it for Amazon purchases so we see how much money we are spending monthly just on Amazon…talk about an eye opener. Just pay it off monthly and make the card work in your favor! 

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors so I wasn’t surprised when this was my favorite read of the year. My friend gave it to me before I left on a beach trip and I finished it in TWO DAYS! I had to find another book around the house to finish out the rest of the week. A suspenseful and emotional read about love, life choices, grief, and the complexity of family relationships. Be ready for some tears (maybe a little ugly crying) with this one. Other top favorites from her have been “The Four Winds”, “The Nightingale”, and  “The Great Alone”.  

Thanks, Kerri girl! If you missed Kelsey's Favorites and Jamie's Favorites here they are!

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