license plates round 2

21 September 2010

Angela sent us Wisconsin! She has a blog called:
She has lots of recipes over there, plus they just finished a kitchen re-model, so go check her out! september 2010 063 1

I was a little worried about getting Alaska and Hawaii, but one of my first emails was from Courtney Ortega saying that she is an Air Force wife, and she had Alaska for us. Thank you, Courtney and to both of you~ thank you for your service to our country.
september 2010 066 1

Shelby and her husband are buying their first home in Kansas and were so kind to send us this plate amidst everything:september 2010 064 1Thank you, Shelby!!

Kristin sent us NH and is hilarious. She promised me she would not stalk my house and attached a note saying,
“With love from NH—complete with NH bugs and dirt!”
We think it gives it extra character and LOVE it. Thank you, Kristin!september 2010 065 1
You don’t have to worry about tying them up with fancy bows or notes. We love them all the same. Thanks, amazing 320 Sycamore readers!


  1. Yeah........that NH plate definitely looks the dirtiest! Who does such a thing!???? hahahaha
    That "Live Free Or Die" moto holds for bugs too!
    signed, Kristin from NH

  2. Oh, too cool! What a fun project! Just happened across your little world, so happy to find you and happy to be your newest follower! Looking forward to seeing more license plates! XX!

  3. Do you need a Georgia plate? I've got one...just let me know!

  4. I'm getting excited to see it finished....You will make it great I know! :)

  5. This is too cool...I have been watching all those licence plates fly in...lovin all the love out there!

  6. Do you have South Carolina yet? I have one! JLMK!

  7. I have a tennessee plate if you need one. Just email me at if you are interested..

  8. So glaf this is working! how do you all have these plates? Seriously? I dont have a one.

  9. I'm so excited to see how this is going to turn out for you! Your house is so dang cute & you come up with the coolest ideas. I can come up with ideas but I just don't have the gutts to follow through. ... someday.

    Hugs, The Lady of the House


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