license plates round 9

05 January 2011

If you are wondering what on earth all this license plate talk is about, see here.
The Land of Enchanment comes from Lorena. She was so sweet to send it even with a health scare with her son.january 2011 008 1
Kate Breslin sent us Massachusetts! Thank you, Kate~january 2011 001 1

Kathy Walker sent Arkansas plate and had one thing to say: “Woooo Pig Sooie!!!” :)january 2011 007 1
I am a nerd. I told 2 people I needed a Washington plate and they both sent them. Thank you so much to Krysten Robison for this one!!january 2011 009 1   
Lacey Williams and her family lived in Kentucky when they were in medical school residency and sent us their plate…january 2011 004 1
complete with the best popcorn you’ve ever tasted and grapples. I especially We all loved them, Lacey~thank you!!december 2010 100 1
Colleen Swerbinsky sent us Aruba! She said: “I got it as a quirky gift a few years ago and would love for you to add it to your wall…”
january 2011 005 1
AND the talented Colleen sent the cutest travel clipboard ever with the states and dolls with clothes that she designed for my kids. They have loved it, Colleen. Thank you!!
map Thank you, all!! Oh my goodness, one more round and we are there!! I’ll probably get RI on Ebay next week, unless I hear otherwise. The rest are coming~ I can’t wait to put these up on the wall. Would you all  put them alphabetically? By the date the entered the United States? By color?
Only 1 lonely state left! :)
Louisiana (julie chreste)
New Jersey (mallory sharp)
Rhode Island


  1. very cool! I definitely want to try this in a few years when my kids are older! My teacher brain says put them up alphabetically because it will be easier for everyone to remember/memorize them ;)

  2. or put them up with velcro so you can rearrange them whenever you want depending on what someone might be studying!

  3. How happy you must be to only have one state left to get..Great idea..Love your blog

  4. That is such a neat idea!! I can't believe you only have one state left, awesome! Can't wait to see it on the wall!

  5. I vote alphabetically, (also due to the teacher brain in me that knows your kids will have to memorize them all someday.)

  6. I have a lot of family in RI. My cousin is on the Providence Police Department and somehow he is getting me one (for you). If you end up not needing it please let me know. :o)

  7. Anna Marie~ We would LOVE it! You would complete our destiny...uh...I mean, our collection!! Please email me:

    Thank you!!

  8. I'm thinking alphabetically as well..what a fab idea with the velcro, Sarah!

  9. Okay, that is such a fun idea! And I love that in the land of blog you can pull it off!

  10. WHOA! I live in Oldham County, Ky. That's pretty cool to see that plate :)

  11. Melissa, so glad my license plate is now at home in your home. And I trust everyone realizes my "Woooo Pig Sooie" comment refers to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Wouldn't want people to think I'm into the movie "Deliverance" or something. LOL!!!

  12. I'm from RI and I will be on a mission to get you one if Anna Marie can't. We may be the littlest state, but we have biggest hearts and I would be so sad if you didn't have RI in your collection. I'll email you if I find one.

  13. I love the velcro idea - could you put them in the order that they would go on a US map? then you and the kids could take some off and guess what was missing!

  14. I vote that you put them up in the order they were admitted to the union. That makes them educational x2. Plus - the kids could practice putting them in alphabetical order on paper or something later.

  15. I think I would try to put them up according to rough geographic location of the states, though it might be a little frustrating to do that! Can't wait to see your wall. It's going to be fab!


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