charming cottage home tour: part 2

16 June 2015

If you missed part 1 of this Utah Valley Parade of Homes, here it is. If you want the paint colors, go here. Let's continue on down into the basement -- as we came downstairs, there was a friendly family area with a projection tv. This was the only television we saw in the house, which I loved (we had just come from a house with 24 tvs!!).

I would love to know the story of this eating area, I'm wondering if the wood slab bar has a story? I thought the small kitchen area was a perfect size as well.

Just off to the right of this family room I'm guessing was the guest bath -- super light tile with white cabinets and counters.

and guest room? It looked like all of the family members' rooms were upstairs.

The family room continues on to a dream kid's playspace!

 The stage area was so fun with dress up clothes hanging on hooks, clever storage, and fun shapes with cushions to climb and cozy up on.

A prime view of the stage, and they also had beanbags around to sit on.

 Remember the slide upstairs in the mudroom? This is where it comes down! A foam pit and rock climbing wall. 

Keep coming around the bend and there is a fabulous reading/creation area. This was a very kid friendly house.

We loved the idea for artwork here -- paint frames white, hang picture wire behind the open frame and display favorite creations. The whole basement area was painted white and the carpet was multi-color stripes.

Cheery book ledges and a comfy reading chair:

There was more storage and a barn door that I think the guy at the house said was more storage and a  future game area??

As you can see from the windows and rockwall, it was a daylight basement and here are a few shots of the backyard from the back window seat off the kitchen:

You can see why they wanted to keep the lot with the big beautiful trees and stream/pond area. The deck looked like wood -- I loved the columns and the arch as well.

And one more that I found-- I can't remember for the life of my where this powder room was, but it was very cute. I love the porthole window ♥

Tomorrow, we'll go upstairs! What did you think of the basement/outside? I loved the happy, cheerful feeling that seemed to foster creative play and imagination.


  1. I agree, really like the white frames with wire for art. Cute!


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