Fall Autumn Decor Ideas 2019

18 September 2019

Hello, friends! I've just been pulling some fall out around here. There are few things I love doing more on a Saturday evening than pulling out autumn decor and styling the shelves while my boys are watching a college football game ( I will stop and watch if it gets exciting), a fall candle is burning, and a loaf of pumpkin bread is in the kitchen. Now mind you I didn't make the pumpkin bread -- my daughter's friend makes it every fall for a fundraiser but this is the recipe she makes and it is perfection. ♥

So here are some pics of fall around here. I'm doing an experiment -- I took these all with my phone and I'm going to see how they look on the blog. I can't believe how good the phone cameras are getting!  For the porch, I didn't feel like bringing out Halloween yet so I just stuck with something more like my traditional Thanksgiving porch. I may skip straight from a Halloween porch to Christmas this year, we'll see how I'm feeling! I do have to follow-up -- when I shared some fall favorites last week I talked about the Autumn Hayride and Kohl's and I ordered some more of the wax cubes. They came this morning and I don't know if it's a bad batch but they do NOT smell like the other ones I got at the beginning of the season. I am returning these ones, they have a strong almost coffee-like smell. Just a heads up on that if they don't smell right.

And as always, thanks for stopping by -- happy fall!

Do you recognize the "hello" doormat from Friday's deals? ♥

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