the bat wreath * Halloween Porch 2019

09 October 2019

You bet I made the bat wreath! (I talked about it here) It took 2 minutes with the clip on bats!

It ended up on the front porch but you can't see it too well with the rocks. We just got an At Home store near us and I found these big lanterns for around $20 each. (you have to go in-store for these, they don't sell online) Lanterns are pricey these days so I was thrilled to find these.

You remember the Halloween radio from last year? They don't sell them anymore at Target so keep your eyes open for them at other stores. My very favorite bat is the far left one made by my youngest when he was in Kindergarten. ♥ The rest you will probably recognize from previous years.

Do you recognize the Happy Halloween pillow from my out & about?? These buffalo check pillow covers are wonderful and are only $11 for a pack of 2

Thanks for coming by!

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