My Favorite Things 2020

18 November 2020

 Hello! I hope you loved Favorite Things last week as much as I did. It was so fun having my mom join us and all of the other Favorite Things guests!

Here we go with my favorites from 2020:

* the Studio Mcgee tree! It is the perfect size for the mantel, hearth, or on an entry table. I obviously haven't decorated for Christmas yet but I put these up so you could see.

* Also pictured is my favorite garland! I have searched high and low for the best faux garland because as much as I love the smell of fresh cedar garland it is so messy and dries out quickly. My favorite is the cedar garland from the Craft Outlet. It's the only place I've been able to find it this soft, realistic garland. I would suggest to wear gloves when decorating though -- it can turn your hands a yellow green from handling it. (easily washes off)

* Crz Yoga Stretch Pants -- this brand is an awesome dupe for Luluemon -- these would be like the On the Fly pants. The material is super soft and light and just comfy to wear around the house or out and about. Sometimes these go on sale for $20-$25! I also have the joggers and love them too. They are a bit of a lighter material and I actually still prefer the stretch pants.

* Sam's Club Sliced Almonds  I love having this big bag on hand to add to salads, vegetables, or desserts. 

* Boltune Wireless Earbuds  I've tried several wireless earbuds but these are my favorite (even more than expensive brands!) for sound quality, ear fit, and charge.

* Mat & Savanna Shaw music  I love this father daughter duo! If you haven't heard them, they also have a Youtube channel.  I can't wait for their Christmas album to be released on November 20!!

* Madewell 10-Inch High Rise Skinny Jeans  I probably would have never picked these out for myself but on my birthday my sisters sent me a big try on box from Madewell. I ended up loving their jeans! They are thicker but have great stretch and keep their form. I would order from Nordstrom where you can get free shipping + free returns and order a bunch to try on. Or if you become a Madewell insider (free) you can also get free shipping + free returns. I would rather have one pair of these than a couple of cheaper ones.

* Toaster Tongs! We were on a big english muffin kick during Covid quarantine and have found these to be perfect for digging out stuck bread in the toaster.

My niece, Lucy creates these adorable watercolor family prints for $15! She is so talented and I love supporting budding artists ♥ What a great gift these would make.

* Eva Naturals Neck Cream  I already know that my neck is going to be my problem spot. It's already getting crepe-y. This works better than anything I've tried with smoothing and firming. I'm not crazy about the smell (kind of a dandelion weird smell but it fades quickly) but for the price and how it works I'll keep buying it!

* Magnolia Woodland Bud Vase I love this vase! It has the little glass tube liners so you can put greens or flowers in it. 

I put mine in the bathroom windowsill and keep Israeli Ruscus stems in it and they last for MONTHS! You can find these greens at Trader Joe's, your local florist, or grocery store floral section. It's the perfect pop of living green that is hard to kill or neglect.

* Secret Treasures Joggers and Tops -- we had Covid back in October and these were basically what I lived in. I was so grateful that I had picked some up for my mother-in-law and they were the wrong size and so I used them. So, so comfy and soft!  I got them separately in store but here is the link for the joggers and the top they sell in a set

* Smartly Rain Shower Body Wash  I  use this in my bubble bath with epsom salts -- I love this calming, fresh smell so much! I think it's more masculine because my boys comment that they like it after I get out of the bath.

* Mini ziploc bags  My friend Lonnie introduced me to these. I'm trying to be better about taking my vitamins so I put my daily dose into some of these and stash them in my purse.  At 4:14 p.m. every day when my reminder alarm on my watch goes off and I am not at home but I grab one of these from my purse and still stay on track. Great for travel too or  putting earplugs in the guest room.

* Aozita Spicel Jar Labels  I talked about them back here but I love the clean, minimalist look of these!!

* Hoover Smartwash Carpet Cleaner  I'm a bit obsessed with this. I got it on a crazy Kohl's sale back during Covid quarantine and went to town on our carpets. I haven't seen it on sale for awhile but I will let you know if it goes below $200 again (I think I paid $150 and it hasn't been close to that again). You push it forward and it gets all the dirt and yuckiness out and then pull it backwards and it dries. So cool and satisfying.

The Chosen. I love this series so much. It's an interfaith collaboration that has made a video series about the life of Christ. It's crowd funded and they are filming Season 2 only half an hour away from my house! I really want to go stalk the set. It's like nothing you've seen before and it makes me see Jesus and His followers in a new, fresh, relatable way. It's a perfect Sunday afternoon watch with the family. Stick with it until episode 3 or 4 and I hope you love it as much as we have. Here is a clip on Youtube if you want to see what it's like

Thanks for joining me! Here are favorite things from some previous years if you are interested! 

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