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14 November 2019

Hello! We've had such a fun week with Favorite Things! You can click here to see all of the favorite things from all 16 ladies this week.

I honestly can't believe it's been 10 years of favorite things! It makes my heart hurt a little to see that baby wash was on my first list and now that baby is almost 11 ♥

Here we go for my 2019 Favorites:

My husband got this for me last year with 7 circles to represent each person in our family and I just love it. I wear it almost everyday. People ask about it all the time and I love the 14k gold quality.

I love buying a bunch of cards at the beginning of the year to keep on hand and I love how this organizes them! They fit up in a cabinet above the computer and we just pull it down whenever we need a birthday, thank-you, wedding, or sympathy card.

Whenever I noticed jeans I liked and asked where they were from it was AE! So I had a bunch shipped to my house to try on and these are the ones I loved. You can't beat the stretch, the colors, the wear, the price! 

I used to buy the rolls of parchment paper at Costco but these ready cut sheets are so easy to pull out and line baking sheets with! Also cute to wrap up sandwiches or goodies with some twine. 

I love this thing! I got it at Costco last year and it is the best to pull out to vacuum the stairs, vacuum inside of drawers or tight spaces, or a quick spill clean up.

When we were at Magnolia last fall I loved these candleholders but they were out of stock. It ended up being a good thing though because these ones from Hobby Lobby are almost identical at a fraction of the cost. 

These are so beautiful to give as gifts to remember someone special. We gave one to my Mom when my Grandma passed away and she wears it on a bracelet. You just find a card or note that they have written, take a picture of it and then they can make it into jewelry. I was amazed at how it looked just like her writing. She also has other personalized handwriting jewelry.

My favorite laundry stain remover by far is still this one. And I usually avoid anything spelled with a '"k" when there should be a "c" but this stuff was featured in a magazine with amazing reviews so I ordered it. I had a stubborn wet dirt stain from a tipped over plant I could not get out and when I got this I just saturated it, let it sit for 10 minutes and wiped it up with a paper towel and it was completely gone! I use it around the toilet my boys use to completely get rid of the smell. Magic I'm telling you! And it's plant based and non-toxic.

I know that Amy and Kristine already shared these but they are so great! The place where I usually get my nails done was booked so on whim I picked these up at the store the night before my brother-in-law's wedding. They lasted 2 weeks! I couldn't believe it. You don't even need glue! I don't love long nails but I love that you can cut them down to the size that works best. These would make perfect stocking stuffers.

I love these brushes! I was looking for some stiff small brushes and these are perfect! I can't believe how many things I've used them for:  around and behind faucets, the shower door handle, the corner of the shower, tile grout, window tracks.

Ok. We have been on Verizon since 2001 when we got our very first cell phones. We've never thought about switching because Verizon had awesome coverage. My husband's business partners were telling him that they had switched to XFinity and it was 1/3 of the cost and that XFinity actually uses Verizon's towers and that the service was identical to Verizon. What?! Soooo, we decided to give it a try and switched in August.  I would never ever know that it was any different except now we pay way less money each month. And we got to keep our numbers (and you can keep your phone if you want) You know it has to be good if I'm including a cell phone plan on  Favorite Things. Seriously, check them out! And here is another independent review. 

These are the best! My mom gave them at Christmas one year and I use them all of the time for pots and pans. I love the Scour Daddy too!

This is now my brain. I can type up a list, take voice notes, you can write with your finger or stylus if you prefer. I can pull it up on my phone, pull it up on my computer. I use it for everything now: to-do lists, grocery lists, Christmas and birthday gift lists, things to get done around the house, favorite things ;), whatever you make lists for! They are all in one spot now. It's free and so user friendly -- here it is in the Apple Store and in the Play Store 

And for my friends that are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:

I love Emily Freeman and David Butler's Don't Miss This Studies! Such great insights into the New Testament and ideas for study and family study. And Emily has a great Inklings study going to that I have loved

and President Nelson's biography Insight's Into a Prophet's Life is incredible. And you can listen to it for free for 30 days when you try Deseret Bookshelf Plus. Sheri Dew is a master story teller as she shares his life. I loved listening to it on a road trip this summer.

THANK YOU for letting us all share favorite things!! If you have made it through all of them and have gotten as many good ideas as I have.

If you would like to look back, here are some of my favorites from past years:


I don't think I shared in 2011?? I just featured other bloggers and their favorites



 Thanks for making Favorite Things so wonderful for all of these years! ♥

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